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Calm before the storm

Posted by James Dall on 27, October 2006

Not too much news floating about this morning, however i feel this will be made up for in a fiery encounter tomorrow.

There is some rumour about us chasing a Ghanaian player, although baring in mind Arsene said he is not looking to buy in the in January I think the press are grasping at straws with something to write about. Or it is the classic case of a players agent trying to generate interest. Certainly as this player plays in midfield i think it is a load of rubbish, we are beginning to look strong in the midfield area especially when Diaby comes back which leads me nicely onto the next bit of news…

Diaby speaks about his march to full fitness which is fantastic. I remember when we played Portsmouth away and yes we drew the game but Diaby in the center of midfield was outstanding. He has a real authority – great strength and superb ball control. It will be great to see him eventually back and as I have mentioned once he is the options for us in midfield are excellent.

On a slightly different note, the Emirates Stadium was officially opened yesterday by the Duke of Edinburgh, as the Queen injured her back. I don’t really have much to say on this particular issue – moving on…

There seems to be a few stories bouncing around about are formation tomorrow. Obviously the two options are 4-4-2 or the 4-5-1 that worked so effectively against Reading. I am sure we will see Everton line up in their usual 4-5-1 where Johnson provides them with blistering pace up front with support runs made by the midfield especially Cahill. Arteta tends to be their creative spark and is pretty dangerous with his delivery off set pieces so we need to be sharp when facing them. More extra improvement from Everton this season has been Lescott who has added more steel and organisation to an already sound back for. For this reason it is important our tempo is quick, if it is not Everton will be able to get men behind the ball swiftly before we have a chance to hurt them. So back to our system, most papers seem to think Theo will start up front with Thierry I am not sure about this, I can only think if we do start 4-4-2 Van will start up front with Thierry. I am not convinced Everton will play a high line, they will look to counter attack, therefore Theo’s pace will not be able to be used to its maximum potential. Although the boy is one to take on players in a one v one situation which could be highly benefical against a team in the mould of Everton. I think the system Arsene chooses tomorrow will be very interesting and I really look forward to seeing the starting line up. Come on the Gunners!!

Anyway tomorrow I am coaching during the day (it is my FA level 2 assessment so wish me luck) so the blog will not be until after the game has finished I think. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.



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  1. Best of luck with the blog

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