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Everton – the opposite to Arsenal

Posted by James Dall on 29, October 2006

Well it was two points dropped yesterday as we saw more of the same – an early sloppy goal conceded then 10 men behind the ball as we attempt to break them down.

In the end it was a superb Van Persie free kick that got us back into the game. In a way it is hard to knock Everton for their organisation in defence and who can blame any team coming to the Emirates stadium and holding on if they take an early lead. You can read Arsene’s overall reaction here. The statistics tell the story really in that we had 70 odd percent possession and 20 shots, Everton had 2 shots the whole game. Highly frustrating indeed, and it is a bit like deja vu – cast your minds back to the Villa and Middlesbrough games. I am not sure if it is concentration, Villa’s and Everton’s solitary goals both came from corners and really seems it is something that needs to be worked on.

Wenger speaks of his frustration:

I have nothing against negative football if it is played with the right spirit. But I think when every time you have a goal kick you have to expect to wait for the keeper to take on the right then he goes on the other side. You know the scenario. It is something you have seen 10 times and it is less enjoyable.

I am not too disappointed about the result, clearly it ends our winning streak in the league however we are still unbeaten at home. Plus Everton are certainly no push overs, we created against an organised side and on a different day we could have scored 5 or 6. Moscow next at home and I hope to see a back lash from the players after we were robbed away from home. More about game on Wednesday.

There is news of a new link with a Vietnamese club -certainly this will provide us with better links for players and should be interesting for the future. Also in that link Gallas speaks of how the number 10 shirt is inspiring him to get forward and score – the Bergkamp spirit lives on it seems. He has been solid this season Gallas, sometimes maybe his concentration has been a bit worrying but he is so composed I think sometimes when we play the so called smaller teams he is not as switched on. His versatility has been vital what with our injuries at the start of the season and he is experienced which of course can help our youngster in their development.

There is also a story about Wenger’s contract situation which expires in 2008. He says:

I have no plans to talk about a new contract anytime soon. At the moment I’m happy and first I want to see how far I can take this side. I’m confident I can go very far with the new team I have here. The contract is a really minor problem for me at the moment.

All fair enough in my opinion and his contract is the least of my concerns. For someone who has built such a young side he would be foolish (and Arsene is anything but) to abandon the team in a season or too.U

Until tomorrow people. Enjoy your Sunday afteroon…


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