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Beautiful is the way forward

Posted by James Dall on 30, October 2006

Well only a few stories to speak of on this sunny autumn Monday. Firstly Thierry has some thoughts on the crowd crying ‘shooot’. He says –

I would die like that, playing that type of football. There are no questions about that, no questions. I don’t know if the fans are frustrated. I keep on hearing them shouting ‘shoot’. I don’t know what they’re trying to say or trying to do, but I think they’re getting sucked in by what some people are saying.

And there is more here, I think his comments are on one hand justified. Although I think in the first game of the season against Villa we were a bit shot shy. However since then we have been creating, really we have just lacked a little bit of sharpness with our finishing. The press did harp on about Arsenal failing to pull the trigger but if I am honest I read so much rubbish I turned a blind eye to the reports. On another day the Everton game we could have won 5-0. I love watching us play and long may our silky football continue.

Wenger talks more about the dropped points –

But we made it difficult for ourselves and we have a responsibility. You can always concede a goal, but not like that. If you watch it again we could have cleared that ball easily. Let’s say we have thrown six points away. We could have at least won four of them.

He is of course correct and I know this will be something they are sure to be working on. Your can sense his frustration and disappointment and I think we all feel the same Arsene!

There are a couple of stories linking us with players, tiring really. Wenger has stated he will not sign anyone in January plus so I will choose to ignore the nonsense at the moment in the press.

Anyway I am off for a little bit more of Pro Evolution Soccer 6.


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