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Winter chill

Posted by James Dall on 1, November 2006

Well on a chilly Wednesday a few stories are circulating. Firstly the injury news, Adebayor is not available for tomorrow evenings match, and Hoyte is a doubt still. The other absentees are still on track, see the full list and details here.

Wenger speaks of how he still enjoys his rivalry with Fergie, personally I love the healthly competition between these two. It always makes the United encounters have that little bit extra spice.

I keep reading about the crowd supposedly ‘booing’ Thierry on the weekend. What a load of crap. The press really must be struggling for ideas. Clearly the people who have written these stories no nothing about football. Goodness it is frustrating.

Djourou (right) has confirmed that he signed a six year deal in the summer. He has looked very solid all season. Especially for a 19 year old! He seems very composed and reads the game well. With all these long term contracts popping up around the club, they really are fantastic news. Securing the future of the talent we have is exciting. It goes to show you how much they believe in the Wenger philosophy.

Reyes talks about how he does not wish to return to England. That is hardly a surprise baring how much of a stink he kicked up so that he eventually got his move back to sunny Spain. He is undoubtedly a talented player and we saw glimpses of what Wenger saw but if a player is not happy in his personal life that is bound to affect their performances. I hope we secure Baptista’s services in exchange for Reyes once the season is over. I am very excited to see Baptista at full fitness, I think his strength and power could be a great asset to the club.

That is it for me today, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.


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