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Beauty and the beast

Posted by James Dall on 2, November 2006

Hmmm, well it is hard to know what to write really. We drew, we dominated, we played fantastically well. It was football at its best with no end product.

With goals that game may have gone down as one of our best performances under Arsene. It underpinned everything about Arsenal – pass and move with tempo. I not downhearted as we should still qualify as long as we do, like I said after the last Moscow clash is I hope the luck we lacked in the group stages comes back in the knock out stage.

Just a couple of quotes from some of the squad after the result –

Clichy –

Sometimes you can try as hard as you like and the ball will just not go in – that was the match against Moscow. Maybe they have found a way they think they can play against us, but again we had something like 10 chances, and if we had scored the first one, we could have won the game 4-0.

Gilberto –

I think the way we played was brilliant, we played very well during the game but were unlucky.

Henry speaks about the crowd, he feels that the press are attempting to create a divide between them and the players. The press write so much rubbish I can see where he is coming from. It is important as fans we do not rise the bait that the press attempt to dangle in front of us. It is vital we do not read into the garbage that is written. If we say loyal to the way the club is playing we will come good. He also mentions how he saw people leaving early in one of the games and that this effects the players. Fans do leave early in most games, I always question this as they ware just not getting their moneys worth and are not showing their true support. All the moaning and groaning as well from the fans that think they know football needs to stop. If we create a beautiful move and miss we should applaud not raise the tension and pressure.

Just a couple of other stories to wrap things up for today. Aliadiere seems to be considering his options as he mentions that in January he might look to leave the club. He is young and needs first team football obviously, especially now he is fit. It seems a bit odd to me that he should bring this up now baring in mind he got a start in the league cup and has been involved in the past few matches. Oh well we shall see if he remains an Arsenal player in January.

Last but not least Adebayor has a 90 percent chance of being available for Sunday away to West Ham.

Until tomorrow


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