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Platini = prat

Posted by James Dall on 4, November 2006

Morning, I do hope everyone is well. Adebayor is in the squad for tomorrows match against West Ham and Eboue trained yesterday. Clearly good news. Maybe Adebayor will start tomorrow? It is hard for me to guess who he will go with upfront. Possibly he will start with the 4-5-1 system which would usually mean no Adebayor. It shall be interesting.

West Ham finally got a win last weekend and only just. I presume he shall go for the same starting line up that got him the victory which will mean no Argentinians. Pardew frustrates me to be honest. In interviews his atitude seems cocky and he ripped Arsenal for using foreigners. Not only that he did that ridiculous dancing celebration last season when they scored a goal in a match. I do hop we stuff em tomorrow. And we certainly need a win, to silence the rubbish in the papers. Fingers crossed the flood gates willl open and the goals will come. I am not worried about the lack of goals, I just hope the players keep believing and also the fans at the games show they believe too.

Wenger has denied he bid for Reo-Coker, fair enough. He rates him, as do I. Van Persie comments on how he wants to be more of a team player –

I have not set myself any objectives, but I have focused myself on improving my distribution and passing. I want to help my team-mates, I want them to trust me in every situation and know that I am there to help them on the pitch. It is important for a striker to work hard for the team – that can be through goals, assists or just being there for your colleagues.

Can’t knock him for that, he does shoot a lot but i like that. He is more than willing to smash one given the opportunity and that is certainly a quality, it shows belief in his ability. With regards to shooting when he should have passed this will just come with experience as his decision making improves.

Finally I will move onto my title –

Platini, 51, said

I sincerely believe he made a mistake in not signing for Barcelona.

Read the full story here. Why is he even bothering. Why is he wasting his breath, why is he interfering. The bit that really bothers me is the quote –

Because he lacks playing in a great team

Jerk. Seriously you cannot beat a player popping out of his retirement in an attempt to gain some attention. Our team is absolutely awesome and oh so young. Thierry made the right decision for his football and his family. We all love him for that. Michel please shut up.

I shall give a preview before kick off tomorrow. Enjoy your saturdays.


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