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Time to reflect

Posted by James Dall on 6, November 2006

Well clearly as you will all know, we were defeated yesterday in the 89th minute 1-0 against West Ham. The victory was by no means deserved, it was disappointing.

We never really played well, the team looked tired and the formation (4-5-1) did not look as effective as it has done recently. Henry was hardly involved and I think he could do with a friend a long side him, as i mentioned about the team looking tired with 5 across the midfield we rely heavily on surging runs from the midfield which when it comes off works a treat. Maybe if we had Robin or Adebayor along side Thierry the story might have been different.

The refereeing was pretty poor by Mr Styles and with reference to the possible penalty it is a tough one. If I am honest I am not sure if it was or if it wasn’t, I am however positive that the ref had no view whatsoever of it. Not to say though that if we were awarded the penalty we would have won, I amnot sure we desrved the victory either. Just a quick description of the goal, Flamini won the ball, then was shrugged off it, a quick one two and the ball was flashed across the goal mouth, Clichy was half asleep for a second and Harewood stabbed it in. Crushing for us. Then followed THE incident, West Ham scored and the crowd went mental – all fair enough. Pardew celebrated, which in my opinion was completely understandable, and then it appeared something was said. For me something must have been said, how often in 10 years have we seen Wenger lose it like that. There was no hand shake at the end either. Now the other day i expressed how I was not Pardews biggest fan but he did make a statement after the game which I appreciated. Nothing from Arsenal’s end yet, maybe something late on today.

To conclude –  clearly we were below par, it seems though too much has been made of the defeat. I struggle to remember our last poor performance so I think it is not all bad. We were on a 5 game wining streak and then frustrated 2 games ina  row which we should have won by a hatful of goals. I look forward to seeing our young guns in action on Wednesday and then I hope to god we dig deep and perform against Liverpool. If we record a victory I can guarantee this time next week everyone is singing our praises again. I just get the feeling the occurrences at the club at the moment are generating an over reaction.

Finally – Anthony Stokes. While Arsenal soldier on in the league Anthony (playing for Falkirk) is scroing goals for fun. Two Hat-tricks in a row now making that 9 in 4 games. Fingers crossed things keep working our for another possible future star.


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