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Liverpool x 2

Posted by James Dall on 11, November 2006

Well Liverpool tomorrow in the premiership at home. Liverpool in the next round of the carling cup away. Not the most pleasant of draws but hey, it will b a sterner test for the youngsters. People might speculate about how much more experience the team might be as we progress in the competition, I believe it will stay fairly young to b honest. The manager considers the league cup games as matches where the experience is more important than the result. Fair enough in a way but if we did reach the final surely there would be a temptation to field a stronger team so we can get our hands on some silverware. Anyway I am getting ahead of myself…

Tomorrows match should be a competitive encounter. With the players having a weeks rest I expect a lively display from us. I doubt Liverpool will sit back as they really like us need t win every game to compete for the title. Rosikcy is out for ten days so he will be out. Maybe Theo might start on the wing? Who knows to be honest, it is all guess work what with Wenger having no interaction with the press since the incident.

A few other stories around mostly comments from our players. Gilberto talks about how Wenger scared them.

Hleb talks about the lack of goals –

We create a lot of chances, who scores them – that’s not important, but we are not going to change

Again there is mention of the incident, he mentions how angry they all were as they felt they did not deserve to lose. Fair enough. There is a faily in depth interview with Thierry in the sun here. Definitely worth a read, he discusses his form and quite interestingly mentions the crap about his apparent regret of not going to Barca –

I must admit, it gives me something to laugh about — and it’s happened again this week — when I hear of stories saying I have told Arsene Wenger that I’m going to be leaving in January. Obviously, it’s all rubbish

Finally more about our youngster Stokes who will get his debut for Ireland on Tuesday. Let’s hope he bags another hatful.

Hopefully some results will go our way today and we will play beautifully tomorrow and win.


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