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Arsenal play with heart + I heart Toure

Posted by James Dall on 13, November 2006

Well what can I say. great performance in my opinion. 3-0 winners against Liverpool. I was so heavily involved it took a lot out of me. Thank god we got a second to help calm my nerves.

So the game itself. Well almost immediately we were through. Van however cheekily handballed passed the GK and tapped in. Goal disallowed and rightly so. Then the game was fiercly contested between both teams. An excellent match with some real quality. Liverpool played some lovely stuff, thank goodness Gerrard was out wide, it eased his threat. To be honest he had a pretty poor game. Liverpool hit the back of the net through Crouch, my heart sank – OFFSIDE. Relief, as Wenger said the frist goal could have changed the game and that certainly is true. We kept on battling but then we got the break an excellent cut inside by Hleb who slipped Cesc in wonderfully, who then classically cut back for Flamini. An unlikely goalscorer he might be but it was superb to see. He has an excellent work rate and dug in throughout the game. Maybe his solid performance mid week had earned him his start. Flaimini talks here about how he wants a regular role. I specifically like this remark about when he left the pitch to celebrate –

I knew it was forbidden, but I did not think about that because I was so happy I just went to see the fans and jumped in

You could see how much the goal meant to him, he is a player who gets stuck in, he might not be as technically gifted as some of our players but you cannot knock his commitment. We played out the first half and so after a quick game of pro between my mate and I the second half began. I was in the situation where you just wish the time gone at the top would just fly by. My worries were ridden when all of a sudden Toure was in one v one, I was not seeing things – he was through, and he bloody scored. Through Reina’s legs. What a man, true Tony Adam’s style. It was deserved, we started the half with a confidence, Liverpool were losing their grip and Toure got what he deserved. He had been an absolute monster most of the game, I lost count of how many headers he won. Our third was from Gallas, an unlikely goal from Arsenal as it was from a corner although the disastrous Liverpool marking was un-excusable.

3-0 victors, I was simply beaming. I thought I would treat you all with my player ratings –

Almunia (in for Jens who had flu I think) – had little to do with regards to shot stopping but did not put a foot wrong 6

Eboue – made some great forward runs and looked assured – 7

Clichy – same goes for this man, quick and embarrassed Kuyt at one put with his pace – 7

Toure – unreal, scored played with passion – 9

Gallas – on the scoresheet and looked composed- 8

Hleb – really excellent, his turning with the ball is superb – 8

Fabregas – effective but his decision making was a bit off, still solid – 7

Gilberto – stuck to his task, OK – 6

Flamini – worked his socks off and got a vital goal – 7

Van Persie – really has got fantastic ball control, two assists also – 7

Henry – tracked back and looked a real threat – 8

Adebayor – missed a one on one clean through, did not hav much time really – 5

All in all, I was a very happy bunny. Spurs lost too ahhh what a Sunday.

Just to wrap things up, Henry talks about how he really is a Gunner for life. I have been gloating all day. Crappy international period now. Let us hope that the players that leave us come back injury free.


2 Responses to “Arsenal play with heart + I heart Toure”

  1. Hello there, great blog!

    So, Saturday was Jens birthday. I wonder if that had anything to do with his “sore throat”? >8)

  2. amiripz said

    Hi there, a fantastic blog mate.

    And I agree with your ratings!

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