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International friendlies are frustrating

Posted by James Dall on 15, November 2006

Hardly anything happening on the news front. I am sure we all know why that is. The friendlies are ridiculous as we lose most of our squad for a a week in which they will play most of a friendly game which will result in fatigue or worse an injury. The games are just plain daft, I honestly do not know who enjoys watching them.

In an attempt to find some stories I have managed to pull together a few. England under 21’s played last night and Hoyte bagged the winning goal. Oh and shock horror I have just read Theo left the field with a hand injury. I hope it is minor.

There have been a couple of withdrawals from the internationals – Van Persie is one as his wife is expecting their first child and Gilberto another who interestingly has been replaced with our very own Denilson.

The only other story that seems worth mentioning (and to be honest it is nothing too riveting). The England squad trained at Arsenal earlier this week and Matthew Connolly was asked to join in on the session as England were short for numbers. That can only benefit the player and he must have been delighted.

Right there really seems like that there is nothing else. Sigh… bring on Saturday against Newcastle.


3 Responses to “International friendlies are frustrating”

  1. insearchoffootball said

    the best Under 21 quad iv seen so far is italys .. very good … when they played spain .. possetion would have been 80 – 20 in favor of italy

  2. annoxero said

    Hello. I’ve seen the comment by you on my blog, apologies for the late reply 🙂 (I’ve been quite busy these days). heh. Nice blog you got here and nice to see another gunner blog. By the way care to trade a link?. Actually i wanted to contact you by email but couldn’t find a contact address anywhere on this site. So you can think of this comment as an email, and delete it once you read it. 😉

  3. annoxero said

    You’re right, International friendlies are just crap. And most of the times, they don’t seem to be too friendly either.

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