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Arsenal starting line-up, confusing

Posted by James Dall on 18, November 2006

Ok, well since yesterday’s entry there has been a few stories in bit parts about who is and who is not available today. I thought I would just summarise quickly – Gilberto is still in Brazil, by the sounds of it it seems one of him family members is unwell but is now on the mend and he should be back in sunny England before the end of the weekend. Therefore he should be available for Hamburg. Freddie is not going to be used as he is way off match fit really, if he had not had migraines and gone off cheese midweek and played for Sweden we may have seen him today. Baptista on the other hand is an option, unlike Freddie he has been training solidly for the past few weeks. Wenger has hinted that maybe he could even start. Rosicky is still short of fitness but should be available for the Bolton game.

With those injuries sorted now we come to Thierry. Having read yesterday that he might be rested today I am very interested in the starting line up and system to be used today. So in my mind only some of the team is certain – presumably we will see Jens in net now he has recovered. Then the back four of, Eboue, Toure, Gallas and Clichy. It will be nice to see a bit of consistency to our back-line, it should result in better organisation. As mentioned yesterday Senderos will have to bide his time until there is an injury or either Toure or Gallas start under performing. Also along with this Senderos may struggle with the raw pace of Martins so I think it is best that we stick to that back 5 (incld Jens). Right in midfield let’s presume we are going to play the 4-5-1 or the 4-4-1-1 whatever you wish to call it. Definate starters you would presume would be Fabregas and Hleb. Van possibly wide left and drifting in as he did against Liverpool? Falmini in there too after an admirable performance last week and then Baptista? I would love to watch Julio play a full game for us. The thing with that combination in Midfield is who is the natural holding player? Clearly Gilberto has no problem with sitting, he reads the game so bloody well that it enables him to intercept and tackle leading to surges from the midfield and Toure. Falmini I think would be a wasted in that position as he has so much energy and gets stuck in, I am to be honest a bit baffled. Perhaps frighteningly Song might step into the DM position… I hope not. Up front if Henry is rested surely Adebayor will play there, as he did against United. Of course we must not forget other possible options in Theo wide left or right, or maybe even Denilson central. I look forward to 2ish very much so i can check the line up.

A couple of other stories mainly about Thierry, apparently it seems that Cannavaro has won the Balon d’Or, Wenger is not too peased about this. I know for a fact that Cannavaro is world class and was fantastic in the World Cup but I just genuinely feel Thierry deserves it.

A final story is Arsene talking about Henry in the new system.

Right I am would you believe off to the Portsmouth match today as my mate has a ticket, moving swiftly on – come on the gunners!!


2 Responses to “Arsenal starting line-up, confusing”

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