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Gallas shaped hole to be filled by whom?

Posted by James Dall on 20, November 2006


Gallas is out for a few weeks.

Swiss SuperstarsClearly this is a blow, however every cloud has a silver lining – ours being a Swiss international. I am eagerly anticipating to see whether Wenger goes with big Senderos or Djourou. Senderos has got a couple of league cup games under his belt, he played a substantial part in our journey in the Champions League last year and he is a born leader. Djourou on the other hand has looked very comfortable in the games he has appeared in this season and has not really put a foot wrong, who to choose? Only time will tell what with our game tomorrow evening against Hamburg. And my what a big game it is, we need a win – simple. Maybe everything will fall into place, maybe we will play spectacular football and actually finish?

Ok now a quick round up of the stories – Wenger believes we are better equipped to challenge on more fronts this year, to me it was quite clear the champions league was taking a lot out of us.

We have done it with the FA Cup but the top of the top of the top teams is to combine a good Champions League campaign and a good championship and that’s my target this year. I want to be able to combine that

Clichy thinks we should be more confident in front of goal and Lehman is generally frustrated and annoyed with the points dropped – join the club Jens.

Finishing on a high note, Robin trained today so after fears he could be out for sometime he may even start tomorrow. Gilberto is back from sunny Brazil, fingers crossed everything got sorted while he was back there and Freddie is back in training too.

Until tomorrow – tomorrow being a big day in our European adventure…


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