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Time to reflect

Posted by James Dall on 28, November 2006

I needed time to think, just to take a step back.

After watching the United Chelsea game I was baffled at how we would overturn such a strong United team without Thierry and yet look simply helpless against West Ham, Bolton etc.

Of course if I knew the answer to that I would be sitting in Wenger’s chair. Arsene has taken it upon himself to once again use the stadium as an excuse. Hmm I am not sure that accounts for embarrassing defending or a lack of cutting edge OR the formation choice. How I would love to see Thierry up front along side Van Persie tomorrow evening against Fulham. Team news here. Rosicky is in the squad, not sure he will start but who knows. I would prefer to see him in instead of Freddie, who must be aware he needs to step up his game with Rosicky and Walcott waiting in the wings. If I were Eboue I would be sweating slightly, knowing Lauren is almost back.

Right now it is still hard to be positive, and I am aware I must sound like a complete pessimist but when you believe in something and keep making excuses about performances, sometimes you get a little fed up with making these excuses. I EXPECT a performance tomorrow. A fantastic one. One where we turn Fulham over and look impenetrable at the back. I then hope for us to carry our new found confidence into the local derby and brush Spurs aside. And then the simple task of getting a result against a team who are top of the table in Portugal. And then the small matter of Chelsea away – what an exciting run of games we do have, which could quite simply make or break our season and our christmas’s. Can you imagine beating Fulham, then smashing Spurs, then (due to fatigue) drawing against Porto and then finally nicking a scruffy win against Chelsea where our goal comes off Henry’s knee accidentally…

Arsene is aware of the sheer rippling effect these games might have on our season –

The period that comes up now for us is the moment of truth. We must not hide. There is a big obstacle in front of the players. I feel they are ready to jump it – and they have a fantastic leap. If they are not, we have no chance to do it. They will try, but I am confident.

I prey the players are confident too.

On a final note, Cannavaro did win the award I can’t be arsed to find out how to spell as Thierry did not win it. Pathetic, I know Cannavaro is a terrific player but really… the possibility Thierry might go the whole of his career without raising that trophy is absurd. ChampionsLeague trophy it is instead then Henry, oh and a hat-trick tomorrow…



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