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Nerves are jangling

Posted by James Dall on 2, December 2006

Quite a few things going on this morning, what with the build up of the game. To be honest I do not care about the performance I just want a win. How often do we play badly and record a victory… rarely. As mentioned confidence is low, and I do not want to predict a result, however I do believe deep down we can win.

Onto the stories, a few things cropped up from Arsene’s press conference. He attempted to clarify his thoughts on the fixtures. I can kind of see what he is getting at but you can  if we had won our last two games nothing would have been said on it. He then disagrees with George Graham, who commented on how we have lost world class players and not replaced them. Arsene said –

I believe we have replaced them with world-class players

Rosicky and Gallas are world class in my opinion, however the other replacements are about 3 yrs off being that standard. We do need maybe one or two additions of sheer quality – leaders with physical presence. He then moves onto the whole corner fiasco. All I am going to say is you can guarantee when spurs get a corner today there will be a feeling of tension  in the stadium. We just need some positive play defensively from the corners, someone to attack the ball. Final thing from Wenger’s press conference are his thoughts on the criticism of Song. No one expected to say he was crap, of course he is going to defend his own players. He says he performs in training but that is useless if he cannot replicate that in a match situation.

Final story of the day is an interview with Thierry, who discusses bits and bobs and makes quite interesting reading. He mentions his form and his frustration about corners. We all agree he has not been firing on all cylinders, however we all know he has been in a system he dislikes and the lack of pre season training – hat trick today then. He also mentions how we lack depth and how he would like SWP, hmmm maybe as a replacement for Freddie but when you hear SWP, you hardly hear leader and physical presence now do you.

Enjoy your Saturdays, and COME ON ARSENAL!


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