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Finally, a performance

Posted by James Dall on 3, December 2006

Get in there! 3-0 to the Arsenal, once again the reoccurring scoreline at the Emirates.

I am not denying that there may have been controversy around all three of the goals but frankly I do not care. We needed that and to be honest deserved it. Spurs were bossed and plus we were due a few decisions to go our way. I am sure we all had grins on our faces for the rest of our Saturdays and still this evening.

The first goal was not offside (at first I did think it was but after watching MOTD last night they drew a posh line on the screen and he was on), Toure lofted a ball over a surprisingly high Spurs backline and Adebayor calmly slotted home beautifully. I will be honest I expect the majority thought he might miss but we were proved wrong. There was more to come from the big man as he went on to have an absolute stormer. Chasing players, using his strength, he was excellent and deserved man of the match. Chimbonda then challenged Rosicky in the area, Rosicky’s first touch that got him in the box was outstanding. There are arguments that Pascal did get the ball and I have to agree, although it is always risky strongly challenging someone from behind in the box and back at the West Ham game we were not given such a decision. Penalty it was and up stepped Gilberto who buried wonderfully – 2-0 half time. Second half Spurs stepped it up slightly but never looked too dangerous. We got our third though a penalty again, where Robin worked his was through and was then chopped. A definite pen, however there were suspicions of handball before, I am not convinced it was intentional so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

So there we have it, 3-0 and three points. Delightful, the manager was obviously pleased also.

We saw Adebayor perform, which silences his critics. I am sure with experience he will start to became a more consistent performer. He works so hard and I love to see that from any player. If he pressurises defences like he did on the weekend, people will start to become worried about him. Just like dare I say it – Drogba. Anyway another bonus was the use of 4-4-2 which clearly paid dividends, not entirely sure if the manager will do the same away to Porto but only time will tell. Another performance worth noting was Djourou’s who was excellent, really composed and solid.

Ok, I was bound to touch on it sooner or later – the whole Thierry fiasco. After reading all the typical rubbish about a bust up with Wenger and then hearing Mark L on MOTD talk his usual negative garbage, I felt it necessary to voice my opinion on what is happening. Thierry has played a lot of games in the last year, he has lost two major finals and he has been playing with injury for the past few weeks. We know he has been under-performing and to sum it up he is just a bit upset and frustrated. He answers a lot of questions here. I am not entirely sure when we are going to see him back to be honest, Wenger was a bit vague in his interview. I hope we see a fresh Thierry against Chelsea playing in a 4-4-2 formation, moving over the to left cutting inside and curling one top bag. I hope…

Just to round up, Baptista wants to show us what he is made of on the pitch, he has that injury of course which did not help him settle in, however maybe we shall see him against Porto? And finally Gilberto talks about what a big week we have ahead of us.

You know what Gilberto you are on the money there…


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