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Ignore the Henry situation, concentrate on Porto

Posted by James Dall on 4, December 2006

I am currently getting a bit fed up with all the stories about Thierry. Not entirely sure it is what everyone should be discussing about. We should still be buzzing off the derby win and we should be concentrating on what till be a pivotal game of our season.

The fact is that Thierry is out until the New Year.  Now we have to leave him to recover and come back fresh. Gilberto will deputise as captain and I am pleased with that. I respect him as a player and he certainly is experienced. My slight concern is how thin on the ground we are with strikers – Van Persie and Adebayor, then of course Baptista if that is where the manager wants to involve him. I would like to see him involved against Porto, it is hard to judge a player unless you get to see a run of him playing. Being in and out of a team it is often hard to impose ones self. If Arsene sees the Bap as more of a central midfield player we could see that physical presence we have been lacking. More of a Paddy Vieira type player. When there was speculation about us signing him a year or so ago i kept reading about he is a box to box player. On top of that I signed him on a permanent deal on football manager and he is immense whether it is midfield or up front – so here is hoping…

Rounding up this wonderful blog, we have been drawn against Liverpool in another cup competition. Great. At Anfield too. I presume we will qualify for the next round for the Champ League and at some point play Liverpool.


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