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Porto today, Fabregas still awesome

Posted by James Dall on 6, December 2006

Right, this evening will obviously be a test for the lads and one I am quietly confident they are up to.

There are a few bits and bobs going on today so I shall get straight into them. Firstly Wenger speaks about Theo having more chances to play –

I know I will use Walcott because we have so many games coming up

There is more here. Clearly we will rotate more as the non-stop footballing extravaganza that is the Christmas period begins. I am glad Arsene acknowledges the need for consistency at the back, however I think if we cast our minds back to Fulham we saw the two full backs changed – one for someone playing out of position (Flamini) and the second for someone I just do not think has what it takes to play for Arsenal (Hoyte). He touches on the issue of Theo on the wings, which is sensible right now and of course he can be used there if we do get really thin on options. There is mention of his excellent development over the last 6 months, clearly this is positive that he is developing in the way Arsene would have hoped.

This evening if he plays, will be Van Persie’s 100th appearance – always a nice achievement. Wenger talks about his versatility and interestingly says –

But maybe central is his best position

I hope this means we will see less of him out wide left of a 5 man midfield and more up front along side Henry or Adebayor or Baptista. If Van Persie gets a solid run in the team UP FRONT he will score goals, that is a fact. He has marvellous technique and seems a natural finisher.

Wenger discusses the Henry being captain debate and as expected defends Thierry. Now personally I think he should stay captain (obviously Gilberto is deputising currently), to strip him of it will be a bit of a kick in the teeth in my opinion. I think the people who claim he should not be are simply forgetting the system he has been playing in and the fitness he is in.

On the loan front Arsene is to discuss with Bendtner about whether he will extend his stay at Birmingham. Personally from what I have seen of him he looks like a descent player and staying at Birmingham will certainly not harm him as a player. He will be playing regularly and I think right now that is the right way forward. The same goes for goal machine Stokes at Falkirk.

Enjoy the game everyone and here is hoping for a solid display.


One Response to “Porto today, Fabregas still awesome”

  1. fabregrass is quality
    player of the season for arsenal so far

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