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Injury news, Jens – brilliant

Posted by James Dall on 8, December 2006

Firstly my apologies for the delay in the blog. As stated yesterday was a very busy day, anyway…

We are through the the next round of the Champions League – Hurrah! Although it was not pretty. We played pretty poorly and it was a dreadful match. Porto hit the woodwork twice so maybe we were a bit fortunate. The mind set of needing only a draw seemed to affect the players once more. I am not going to dwell much more on the match. We are through top of the group and that is the most important thing.

Ok some injury news ahead of the Chelsea clash – Djourou picked up a knock against Porto, which of course is a massive concern although Wenger seems optimistic of his recovery, he is less confident over the recovery of Gallas.Wlliam seems to have a 20 percent chance of playing – hardly great odds. In theory if Johan does recover it should be him and Senderos paired at the back. The Swiss duo if you will, both so young but both I believe in. Still no exact time frame on Theirry’s injury, Rosicky on the other hand will be out for a fortnight.

That is the injury news touched upon, now on with a couple of stories where our players are adding more spice to Sunday’s big game. Gilberto has talked about coping with Thierry here, Sky titled it ‘Gilberto issues rallying call’, trust me if you read what he actually said there was nothing rallying about it. Adebayor on the other hand discusses how the game will be a WAR and how they will do it for Gallas. It certainly will be a battle and I really hope our players fight for every ball. Adebayor also reckons that they can emulate the performance at Old Trafford –

We aim to do to Chelsea what we did at Manchester United earlier this season.

The best talking point so far this season is by Jens. Here he talks about how Ashley Cole deserves the stick he will receive and quite simply how he is flummoxed at why young footballers bring out a book. I could not agree more.

Finally my thoughts on the game, clearly I will write more tomorrow and Sunday but for now these are my initial opinions – clearly the back four is a slight worry but I am confident if Senderos can get them organised and we alert on set pieces they should be able to cope. We all remember what a torrid time Drogba gave Senderos last season and I really hope Senderos keeps him quiet on Sunday. The 4-5-1 system will surely be used with Adebayor up front on his own. Depending on what system Chelsea use will determine the justification behind our shape. If Chelsea play with 2 up front (Drogba and Shevvers) then their midfield is quite narrow but very VERY strong, ability wise and physical wise – Lampard, Essien and Ballack with Makelele just behind. Playing 4 in midfield and asking Fabregas and Gilberto to cope with all that traffic would be just silly, hence the 5 man midfield being the answer. Maybe slot Baptista in there?! The width for Chelsea comes from their full back bombing down the wings, I am confident that our full backs can cope IF they are on top of their game.

That will do for now as I need to continue with an assignment. More tomorrow. It is Firday by the way!


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