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Cole can’t be looking forward to tomorrow, can he?

Posted by James Dall on 9, December 2006

Morning everyone, I hope your all well and as excited as I am about tomorrow’s game.

I thought I would have a little rant about Ashley. Ever since he left, the bitterness left in everyone’s mouths is undeniable. At one point I really thought he would stay but I was wrong. I was wrong to think he was not greedy. He is. I thought as Arsenal had nurtured him into the player was, as Arsenal was the club he loved, as Arsenal had given him the chance and turned him into one of the best full backs in the world, he would realise what a fantastic place this was to be. Apparently money speaks more volumes and this my friends is everything I hate about football. How will getting paid the extra few thousand a week really benefit him? He was already on excellent wages and got offered even better ones to stay and is wife is hardly scraping the barrel. Pathetic.

He now of course plays for Chelsea. I have read a lot of things about how the fans should respect what he did for the club and how they should not bring in these fake 20 pound notes with his head on them, or an inflatable phone. Seriously though, are those items going to cause a massive amount of harm. He does deserve a huge amount of verbal tomorrow, I don’t care what say. He will expect it too and I sure the fans who travel to Stamford Bridge will deliver.

When I heard Johnathan repeat the figure of £55,000, I nearly swerved off the road. ‘He is taking the piss!’ I yelled down the phone. I was trembling with anger – Ashley Cole on discovering Arsenal’s weekly wage offer

Arseblog writes more on it here, and I 100% agree with him.

Ian Wright has said some usual rubbish about Arsenal. I do like him as a character by my god does he talk some utter crap. If he is an Arsenal supporter why does he always spout such useless garbage.

A few clubs appear to be casting a watchful eye over Anthony Stokes, to be honest you would be stupid not to – his record speaks for himself and to have the opportunity to loan him in, if you were a championship or higher flying SPL side, is not to be sniffed at.

Wenger has brought up an issue I chatted about yesterday – the Senderos vs. Drogba dual. You can read about it here.

There will be a fuller blog tomorrow with my thoughts on team selection. We are surely due a win against Chelsea tomorrow…


One Response to “Cole can’t be looking forward to tomorrow, can he?”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Arsenal
    Am called martin from Uganda
    i would like to play for arsenal.
    am 14 yr old, i can even play without payment.then when you you like me you can give me contract. In Uganda oyu can’t develop your talent. I like Striking.
    Thank you.
    matrin Twijukye

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