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Arsenal vs. Chelsea Starting Line-up – thoughts

Posted by James Dall on 10, December 2006

Firstly Chelsea are starting with the two up front – Shev and Drogba.

So it will be the narrow strong midfield and width from the full backs. Geremi at right back – can we please please please see Theo on if Geremi remains on, so he can run at him?

Our system and line up once again to re cap –

Lehman, Eboue, Djourou, Senderos, Clichy, Hleb, Gilberto, Fabregas, Flamini, Van Persie, Adebayor

The back five, incld Jens that is,  is not a surprise. Flamini for me is. I hope he proves us wrong. When will Baptista get his chance? It seems clear it will be 5 across midfield with Van Persie wide left. Adebayor up on his own. I want to see us fight tooth and nail for this game. I want to see us get at them,  them and break from midfield. They need a win – desperately what with Man U winning yesterday. We need a result, yes a draw would be ok but a victory would make this a truly fantastic Sunday.

Player by player –

Jens – I want him to be more commanding on the set pieces. Spend less time concentrating who is in close proximity of him, and more on claiming the ball and organising.

Eboue – if he stays alert positionally and gets forward when possible he can be a real asset today. maybe put one on Ashley too would be nice.

Senderos – I believe in you big man, give Drogba a quiet game

Djourou – composure is a big part of his game, he is tall (6ft 4) and is quite quick, we will need his pace.

Clichy – support Van persie when going forward and let’s see a good final ball. He is quicker than Geremi for sure.

Hleb – another excellent performance please. If he continues his form I will be confident he can create.

Gilberto – needs to cover as usual but also lead as he is the captain and most experience outfield player. Get stuck in too! your a big fella

Flamini – just work hard, win the ball and give it to Fabregas

Van Persie – must not neglect his defensive duties but also must support Adebayor BIG time.

Fabregas – just player your natural game

Adebayor – work your socks off as usual and harry players just like you did against Spurs

COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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