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Fabregas shows Cole respect he deserves – none

Posted by James Dall on 11, December 2006

I am writing this before I head to bed as tomorrow I am off out the house early. Anyway enough about me – a couple of stories that have caught my eye.

Firstly Gilberto talks about the hassling the Chelsea players’ gave the referee –

On all their fouls there were three or four players around the referee putting him under pressure

Could not agree more, Terry surrounded the ref at every opportunity, trying to get Fabregas booked for his challenge on Drogba was absurd. There is no way that Fabregas slight brush against Drogba’s knee was ever on the same level as Cole miss timing a challenge and chopping Hleb.

Following on from Cole, Fabregas allegedly (God bless his soul) refused to shake Ashley’s hand – brilliant. After what he wrote about some of the Arsenal players in his book and for everything else he deserves it.

Just a final though on something which is bugging me – Baptista, I want to see him for 90 minutes. I am convinced it will happen soon as Wenger likes to rotate during the xmas period but I just want to see what he is capable of, and where Wenger sees him playing for Arsenal. Wigan away of course on Wednesday – tough game, one I hope we perform in, and play 4-4-2, that talking point is for another day, Wednesday morning to be precise.


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  1. fairyfirly said

    is it true…??

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