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Woeful display but we win… somehow

Posted by James Dall on 14, December 2006

The first half of this match was the worst I have seen us play in years. Simply dreadful.

I was close to the point of giving up on watching the match to be honest and playing pro evo. We started 4-5-1 against an average Wigan team. Baptista started as per my request but in midfield, more on his performance in the player ratings. Really if you did not see the game it is impossible for me to get across how bad we were. Therefore I will not even try.

The second half was marginally better, Wigan should have won the match they had the best two chances. Now to save me complaining even more here are my player ratings, brace yourselves –

Lehman – 7 – made two good saves, that was it, in a game of few chances

Eboue – 5 – really poor passing, awful to watch

Toure – 8 – excellent once again, saved us really

Djourou – 7 – a chink of light in a dyer display, looked strong and composed and made some excellent blocks

Clichy – 6 – marginally better than Eboue, he did get forward well and for once put some good balls in the box

Walcott – 6 – flashes of class but lacked an end product

Gilberto – 6 – did ok, nothing special. positionally sound

Flamini – 6 – worked hard but seemed tired, gave us no creativity

Baptisita – 5 – not used to the tempo of the prem. put him up front for now – please

Ljungberg – 5 – below par, did not look like he was ever going to beat anyone

Adebayor – 7 – due to his well taken goal he gains a 7 but really should have been 6, could have scored earlier if he had slid…

subs – Fabregas – 7 – changed the game, as soon as he came on gave us some creativity, we miss him when he does not play

van Persie – 6 – when he came on we went 4-4-2 and looked a bit better, he caused a few problems.

I do not know how we won it, really I don’t. I was preparing to write this blog with a defeat hanging over me or even a draw. I cannot think why we played to badly to be honest. There was no urgency, no drive. At the end of the first half I was reading Arsenal Land’s forum and no one could believe it.

The only positive is the goal – Fabregas slid in and won the ball FAIRLY, I have no idea what the commentators were on about when they said it was a foul, then lofted a ball over the top which Adebayor controlled and toe poked under Kirkland. I went crazy to be honest because I knew how much we needed those three points.

Arsene’s reaction can be read here. He reckons we would have lost that game one nil last year, Arseblog makes the excellent point that we won 3-2 last year…

Hmmm I really do not know what else to say. Portsmouth at home on Saturday who look in great form currently – 4-4-2 PLEASE!

The only other story about is Gallas saying he does not know when he will be back –

They told me I would miss four weeks minimum but I don’t know if I will play until the New Year

Not sure how much to read into this as Wenger said yesterday he was close to return.

That is it for today, at least we got 3 points eh…


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