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Team news and Wenger charged

Posted by James Dall on 19, December 2006

Morning all, let’s get straight into it – team news ahead of this evenings game against Liverpool in the Carling Cup –

It will be a good team against Liverpool. There will be a few young players and a few players who need a game. Rosicky will play certainly.

It will be interesting to see the balance Arsene goes for, I think we are aware this certainly will be a tough match. What with Liverpool’s recent form and also their record at home, playing the usual players we might play would result in an almost certain loss. My opinion on possible players that may come in – Almunia, Hoyte and Senderos, from here obviously including Rosicky I am unsure as to how strong Arsene will go with. I would say that this game is certainly an odd one. We are currently still in all comps and this probably is our least priority but in reality might be our best route to silverware. Either way this game should be very interesting indeed. In relation to the match tonight, Almunia has talked about how they will be after revenge after we whooped them 3-0 recently.

More speculation surrounds Jens’ future, Arsene has said around February he will sit down and chat with him. He seems to be sticking to his guns though with regards to only offering a one year deal – seems fair to me.

The final main story is that the FA have charged Wenger with improper conduct after having a go at the ref on the weekend. Now Arsene says he will fight this charge as this particular one he did not deserve it, contrary to the West Ham thing. He said the following –

I will not accept any charge on this incident. I feel that strongly about it. I feel it is scandalous. If I consider what I have seen in the corridors in the last 10 years that is very difficult to explain and accept. I did not lose my cool. I said what I said because I think that recently the Club has been punished by decisions from officials that are difficult to understand – the one at Chelsea, the one at West Ham and the one on Saturday. I just said what I felt about the incident to the referee.

Fair enough if he feels that way, and maybe he has every right too. Just my concern is that his anger should not be directed at the referee in essence, more towards the team for a shoddy first half display. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this little situation.

Right, best of luck to the lads this evening. Maybe the youngsters will show a bit more fight and urgency than we have been seeing recently. Remember we turned over a strong Everton team away in the last round so who knows eh.


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