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421.6 miles, there and back, for nothing

Posted by James Dall on 20, December 2006

As I am sure you are aware, the game was called off last night due to the fog. From what I saw on the television it did look pretty bad. Both managers wanted to play it anyway, clearly they are both worried about the ridiculous amount of games they will have in such a small period of time. It seems likely that the game will be replayed on January the 9th or 10th, baring in mind on the 6th we are playing them in the F.A. Cup the players may as well just have a whole week up in Liverpool. My sympathy goes out to the travelling fans last night, I sincerely hope Arsene and the rest of the lads appreciates the effort they went through to get up there and then the disappointement in the game being postponed.

The official site has got rid of the list of the 16 man squad, however the best bit for me was seeing Lauren in there. I strongly doubt he would have started, I imagine Hoyte would have at right back but it is fantastic to see him back. Wenger speaks highly of him here, mentioning how strong a character he is. I think this bit is the most interesting part –

When you have him in the side then you always have a chance

True, unlike if you have Eboue you always have a chance he will give the ball away in a dangerous area and we will concede. For me as soon as Lauren is 100%, which will entail several starts anyway, he should be straight back in the side.

That seems to be all today, Blackburn on the weekend, baring in mind most of our first team squad will have had a weeks rest I expect something special from them. 5 days till Christmas…


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