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Very little Arsenal News to report on

Posted by James Dall on 21, December 2006

What a quiet Thursday it is. A late blog today as my Internet connection decided to die for a couple of hours – cheers.

There are two stories I have found today, neither of them that interesting. Both are a long the theme that we have potential, tell me something I don’t know.

Anyway Adebayor reckons we are likely to dominate the Premiership over the next couple of seasons as we have so many unbelievable youngsters coming through. He says –

When I look at our squad I think we’ll be unstoppable within the next two seasons. With talented guys like Emmanuel Eboue, Cesc Fabregas, Johan Djourou and Theo Walcott, we’re the future of the English game and everyone can see that now.

I suppose it is nice that he mentions his teammates, he is only young himself remember. He is right, we do have some fantastic youngsters but we have been saying that for a while now and I think all Arsenal supporters would prefer to swap a youngster or two for someone world class that would we were much closer to the top than we are right now. Speak of which the only other story is about how Arsene will not give up his hope for the title. He is of course aware how bleak things look –

It looks far away, and that is why I believe at the moment it would look a bit pretentious to say that we will be champions this time – but on the other hand, I have not given up. I feel there is potential in the team and we are not missing a lot.

Nothing new really from him. Our Christmas fixtures are not too bad on first glance but then when you give it some real though we will probably end up cracking. Home to Blackburn – expect a set piece to come in hit both posts then hit Lehman on the head as we go one nil down. However we will draw the game 1-1. Then Watford and Sheffield United on the road. Both teams will be hungry for that game, as if playing Arsenal is not incentive enough, coupled with how they are fighting for survival. There is a concern about how our players appear to lack motivation for these type of games, I admit it worries me too. Home to Charlton then – surely we can stuff Les Reed’s team, they look so unorganised and poor it is shocking.

Right I am off, a preview of the Blackburn game tomorrow I expect.


One Response to “Very little Arsenal News to report on”

  1. arsenalist said

    Our next few EPL games:

    Sheffield Utd

    I’d say all of them are winnable. If we drop any points here, it’s all over (not that it isn’t right now).

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