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Squad rotation ahoy

Posted by James Dall on 29, December 2006

Morning to all, not much going on at the moment. Later will be Arsene’s usual pre match conference thingy magig so i imagine more will come from that.

Just touching on two of our ‘loanees’, firstly Bendtner who has extended his loan with Birmingham until the end of the season. Not much of a surprise there. Secondly Stokes, his loan deal is to end shortly and he has heard nothing from Arsenal about what is happening –

Those two weeks have gone very quickly and the only disappointing thing is that I still haven’t heard from Arsenal what is happening.

If I were in his shoes I would be a bit concerned and annoyed. However it is hard to say when that interview was conducted so fingers crossed he now knows what is going on. I presume he will either extend his loan with Falkirk or join a Championship team.

At the moment there seems to be a general consensus that one of the players that might leave in January will be Aliardiere. I think that certainly is a possibility, if he does surely one of the loanees will be recalled, otherwise up front we will be very thin indeed. I worry that Aliardiere might start tomorrow instead of Baptista, if he does I really will be gutted.

Cesc talks about the need to reach the superb performances of last year –

If we want to win the Champions League, then we have to touch the greatness we did last season. We know we can do that, because we showed it against Real Madrid, Juventus, Villarreal and then Barcelona. As a player, I do not believe in looking back and regretting things.

He is so mature for his age, we all love him.

In reference to the title of todays’s blog I just have this nagging feeling things might be mixed up this weekend. Now I am all for a bit of re-jigging but sensible rotation is what we need. As mentioned previously The defence is such a key area – if Eboue is fit which apparently according to physio room is ‘very doubtful’ then he should start, if not I expect Hoyte to slot into place. Does anyone else feel that they would be a lot happier seeing Gilbert (who is of course on loan) in at right back rather than the erratic Hoyte? Anyway my point is Arsene, not to mess around with our back-line too much. Maybe Senderos will start, Toure surely will and so will Clichy. There will be no other players returning from what I can see. I am still clinging onto the small glimmer of hope that Fabregas might not be rested. He is just too important, Flamini will give us more energy and better talking but not the dimension of coming short collecting the ball, turning and picking a pass. I would start him and then IF we go 2 goals up take him off. My Arsenal starting line-up against Sheffield United would be as follows –


Hoyte, Toure, Senderos, Clichy

Hleb, Gilberto, Fabregas, Walcott

Baptista, van Persie

Subs – Almunia, Djourou, Flamini, Rosicky, Aliardiere

I feel that Rosicky might not play as he has started two games in succession and just come back from injury. Right enjoy your Friday. Until tomorrow…


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