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An Henry return?

Posted by James Dall on 2, January 2007

Literally have no time this morning as I am driving back up to university today.

The big story is that Arsene might ‘gamble’ by playing Thierry Hnery tonight against Charlton. No I am almost 100% sure that he would not take any risks over Thierry. The guy has been out due to being run down and for me the whole ideology behind him not playing over the past month has been that he will come back 100%.

All other injury news that I can find, can be read here.

A very brief round up now, Stoke reckons he probably won’t stay at Falkirk.

Pardew wants to bury the hatchet between him and Arsene.

Gilberto says we really are missing Thierry and that we have done all we can without him.

My apologies for the poor blog, a better one tomorrow. Finally I did dream last night that Thierry started and so did Lauren but we went 2-0 down with Thierry scoring to make it 2-1, then I woke up. I hope to god that was just utter nonsense.

Until Wednesday.


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