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Odd debate about the need of Thierry

Posted by James Dall on 4, January 2007

I keep reading some strange things about Henry’s return. My stance on this is obvious, the previous blog’s title sets my stall out.

I have read from various sources that as van Persie and Adebayor have been excellent this season Thierry possibly is not needed. For example here. Now I am not creating a feud with The Cannon, his blogs are usually excellent but the title is misleading and in essence does not justify itself. I have read on various forums a similar feeling. Nonsense. How can one forget how awesome he truly is. The man scores 20 or more goals a season for us. He is experienced and quite simply world class. Forget that he was a bit iffy at the start of the season, the reasons for that have been acknowledged. I am a little frustrated at the ignorance of some fans. Now he is back we should all be delighted. I love him. Even when he loses his pace like Freddie has, he will be able to sit back in a support striker role. His return also will add pressure, healthy pressure at that to our forward line. We are a bit thin a the moment, with the three players mentioned attempting to start. Now, Aliardiere is not Arsenal quality, and I really do hope Baptista gets a more consistent run as I feel he will offer us a different dimension.

I am not going to write anymore on the matter now, once Henry regains his match fitness will be a huge plus for our team. He will contribute not only with goals but assists. We must not forget how good he has been for us and how good he will be for many seasons to come.


7 Responses to “Odd debate about the need of Thierry”

  1. I am not saying we should be getting rid of Henry. The title is not literal it’s just implying the other two have been doing so well recently we havent need the best striker in the world that is Henry. My post is about how it’s great to have Henry back and have two excellant strikerrs to back him up.

  2. Ah right, sorry your title just finally set off my rant after hearing some compleltely garbage in some forums

  3. Oh right. I’m definately for Henry staying! Why would we want to get rid of our top scorer? Ok he hasn’t been in his best form this season but he needs a bit of time and we cant expect him to get better and better every season.

  4. Arsenalismylife said

    100% agree with everything Arsenalnews says in this article. Too many supposed fans have turned their backs on Henry this season, saying that he has had no excuse for his poor form etc etc, his heart not in it etc etc. Absolute bollocks.Just wanted to support this Arsenalnews viewpoint even if lasgnechef didn’t mean it, there are other “fans” that i have spoken too that do feel we should get rid of him…some people have short memories.

  5. let me second the 100% agreement above… Henry is essential to our club… that we have the likes of Adebayor and Van Persie is very fortunate in terms of depth and options… but Henry is vital

  6. robwatts said

    I think the break did him the world of good. I’m hopeful that he can stay at his hungry best. He wasn’t on form prior to his little rest, but looked full of enthusiasm and determination upon his return. Hoping he plays Saturday of course!

    Stating the obvious maybe, but lets face it, Arsenal were awful against Sheff Utd, we really don’t need anymore of those this season!

  7. Andrew said

    i can see what some fans are saying – that we have been scoring without Henry – but lets get real. Sure RvP can score some great goals, and Adebayor is a tricky forward who like to run at defenders. But in all honesty, Henry IS RvP and Adebayor rolled in to one. On his day Henry has it all. I think what fans have seen recently are the two forwards working well together to create opportunities and goals, whereas before they tended to rely on Henry.

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