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People forget Henry is still World Class

Posted by James Dall on 4, January 2007

Morning all, I shall get my teeth straight into it.


After the miraculous event of Justin Hoyte scoring, he has conducted a couple of interviews. There was bound to be plenty of mention from the press about how he is the first English scorer since 10 A.D. but Hoyte has responded very well about the whole Arsenal and lack of English influence –

When you put an Arsenal shirt on, we are all playing for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger does give English players a chance. Theo and I are here, and we are playing well. That is great for Arsenal. There are also other English players here and if you are good enough and the boss has faith in you, then you will play. The boss has shown that already and so it is just up to me and Theo to keep working hard so that we can keep our places in the team. When we all play everyone is playing for Arsenal. It does not matter what nationality you are, it does not matter where you are from. It is just fantastic for me to score, full stop. It is all good for the team and it is a great result.

Here here Justin, remarkable really that with such a wide variety of nationalities at the club that they decided it would be wise to pass that flag ban all those weeks ago. Ridiculous. Society gone mad, the tip toeing around social issues these days is astonishing. Anyway…

There is more from Justin here, mainly about how it felt to score his first goal and how we have a lot of competition for right back now. Him, Eboue and Lauren of course. Lauren when match fit should be top of the list obviously, then Eboue and then Hoyte. I cannot wait to have Lauren back. The back four of Lauren, Toure, Gallas and Clichy should in theory be an excellent one. Apart from Clichy who is still young and learning, there is some real quality and experience there. And yes of course the competition is healthy, I think there were some critics last season and the beginning of this season with regards to Eboue’s performances. He really had no one pushing him for his place but now he does, so no more stupid passes from the corner of our box to the opposition please.

Henry talks about how he is feeling after his return. He says he is feeling fresh and raring to go, and also discusses about how it was a huge mistake for him to keep playing when he was injured. All if forgotten now, he is back and we want the old Thierry back. We saw glimpses of it on Tuesday and I am hungry for more. Our world class striker is back

The F.A. have charged Chris Morgan after he whacked Robin in the stomach. And rightly so, I really do not know what he was thinking there.

That is about it for today. Liverpool on Saturday of course, a game which should be a real test for us. It will be interesting to see the comparison to the two starting line-ups of the F.A. cup game and the Carling Cup game. I wonder if we will see Lauren in either of those? Henry I imagine will play a part in one, certainly not both. The match certainly will be a stern test for the lads, Anfield has been a fortress recently, they do not seem to concede goals but it certainly will be a testament to our character. Obviously nearer the time we will have clearer team news but from what I can see Baptista and Walcott might be back but the others look to be short.

Have a brilliant Thursday.


2 Responses to “People forget Henry is still World Class”

  1. pius ochwo said

    it was really fantastic to see thiery henry score a spectacular goal against liverpool in the FA cup just after his perking from injury. arsenal is a complete team this season capable of jostling for both champions and premiership LEGUES .arsenal is full of young lads rich with quite exceptional skills capable of trouncing any club the whole worldover.
    Fabrigas and gilberto are midfielders who make the game. indeed they are not only pundits but meastros. henry is a prolific goal scorer who is just in his own world. it pinches any arsenal fan’s tummy to see this young dude not blessed with the european footballer of the year award. he is a noble consistent player who keeps growing with every match.henry is not only a captain but a passionate trainer to other young lads who play upfront. if tightly watchkept thiery is always at his best upfront making defence killer passes to enable his collegues penetrate and ganner goals .his inspirational abilities is just admirable. hoyte’s miraculous goal against liverpool in the FA is an empitome of the many works henry does for the team.
    Theo walcot is shwred player who is quickly emulating thiery’s prodigy and the arsenal instinct. arsernals defence is among the best in europe. sendroes, gal and the african duo( toure and his worship emmy ebue )are just auspicious defenders. gallas ,djour hoyte and mire are all good askaris who can provide a back up. arsenal is fully equiped with the capacity to lift all the major trophies this season. eng wenger is really mr right for the arsenal job, very articulate and elloquent when making comments on touchy issues, free thinker, meverick and resolute when making decisions to invade the transfer market . he is always himself when managing the game, very impatial to his cohorts . he is surely a gentle man .His recent fining for alledged impoper conduct not only caused an uproar but also a gripe among many of us arsenal fans.
    opportunity is a haughty godess who has no time for people who are unprepared. let’s strike the rod today when it is still hot. opportunity is at hand today at anfiel.
    long live 02, long live wenger the man.

  2. rashid said

    i love henry, i want him to be my best friend, my name is rashid from Ghana n this my phone number 00233249105176, bye.

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