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Buffon could replace Jens and positive injury news

Posted by James Dall on 5, January 2007

Happy Friday to all, plenty of stories buzzing around so I better get started.

I am going to start off with a couple of the smaller stories first. Joe O’Cearuill has joined Brighton on loan for a month. I am yet to see anything from this lad yet so I cannot really comment. A bit of time on the coast will do him no harm and certainly if he gets a couple of starts, this will be an excellent learning curve.

On Loan Seb Larsson might be making his time at Birmingham permanent. Apparently Birmingham are very keen to take him on. He seemed like an OK player from the glimpses I saw of him, still you cannot blame him if he moves, regular first team football in a team which are promotion candidates.

It appears that Buffon is not too happy at Juventus. He seems to finally have realised that a Goalkeeper of his calibre should not be playing in the second division. I do hope Arsene is watching that situation closely, what a fantastic replacement for Jens that would be. I think every Arsenal fan in the country would be delighted with it. But let’s be honest, Arsene will probably go for a French unknown to replacement Jens… frustrating.

Gallas speaks about how the F.A. cup might be our main priority now –

It’s true the title is a long way off. Unfortunately we have dropped too many silly points and we’re paying for it with our position. It’s even more of a shame since Manchester United and Chelsea dropped off a bit. With three matches a week it’s normal these teams have a tricky spell, even with their big squads. We should have taken advantage of it, but we didn’t. Now, apart from the Champions League, the FA Cup has become a big target for us.

He is right to be annoyed that we did not take advantage of the current indifferent form of Chelsea, and even Man United who have dropped a couple of points. If we had won the game against Pompey and Sheffield United, and of course it is a huge if, we would only be 4 points behind Chelsea. Hmm, annoying indeed especially when you look at the manner in which we dropped points against those two teams. I guess Gallas is correct in a way, clearly we need to concentrate on reaching top 4, then really look for a trophy in one of the 3 cup competitions we are in. I think if we finished third this season and won a trophy most would agree it would be a sound progression from last season.

Henry talks here about his fellow strikers, and how bloody brilliant they have been.

Finally the best bit of news is our injury news –

Eboue will be back for Saturday and it also looks like Baptista will be available. A long with this, there is a good chance Walcott and Gallas might be available for the Carling Cup game. Lauren is ‘ready to play’ apparently and Adebayor looks like he will be available for the game against Blackburn. Freddie is close to a return and a major plus is that Diaby went through his first training session yesterday. Excellent stuff, I am really looking forward to seeing him back.

So there we have it, 5 days into the New Year, we have won our first game and have a huge list of players almost back. Things are looking positive… now bring on Liverpool x 2. A preview of the game tomorrow.


29 Responses to “Buffon could replace Jens and positive injury news”

  1. Emkay said

    Don’t forget we lose RvP and Cesc on Saturday. What a pity!

  2. Your are on the money there Emkay, fingers crossed we might see Henry and Baptista up top together. The loss of Cesc is a big one and I am going to mull over that until tomorrow’s blog!

  3. ry said

    we must do everything possible to get buffon, for once, lets get the finished article, our young defenders need the experience that jens has been offering.

  4. I feel the same way Ry, he really would be an fantastic asset. Of course Jens as been excellent for the past couple of seasons but he is past his peak in my opinion. Buffon would be a signing that certainly would make the whole world take note. Fingers crossed eh…

  5. warfa said

    obviously its sad to lose cesc and rvp.but arsenal managment should do everything possible to capture the services of buffon.i hope wenger will do as proud as usual.

  6. katnam said

    Wenger always goes for unknown player hoping that the player would develope into a world class player. But by the time, the player matures into so called world class, it would be too late and Arsenal will never win championship again, if this trend goes on. Teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool will be too far to catch. In hindsight he consoles himself saying this will be Arsenal year, year after year. But I don’t know when that will come.

  7. I don’t think that Buffon is going to leave Juve. They are well placed to gain promotion this season but much I guess will depend on who they sign in the summer. With Internazionale rumoured to be sniffing around as well, I am not sure Arsenal or even an English club will be a favoured destination.

    More likely, Wenger will go for a younger keeper or less of a name; Akinfeev of CSKA impressed in the Champions League, whilst I would not be unhappy if Jens stayed another season so that someone like Foster or Carson could be brought along.

    Goalkeeper is the one position where Arsene is going to have to invest. Almunia is OK as a deputy but he does not inspire confidence when thinking of a Number One, he is unlikely to put fear into a forward in the same way that say, Cech does.

  8. The position of goalkeeper is probably the most important one on the whole team. Build from the back seems to the old motto and I agree with it. I do not expect any movement for a Goalkeeper this month but surely at the end of the season we will see one brought in. Almunia is average and I think everyone would be truly gutted if he were to become our number one. We need a world class goalkeeper for next season. If Buffon becomes available we would be stupid not try and tempt him to London.

  9. amiripz said

    Naaah, it is very difficult to get Buffon because in case he decises to leave, he will for sure chose Ac Milan or Inter, rather than move to Arsenal.

    Also, in case he becomes available, don`t forget that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpoo, Valencia – all would make a bid and all these teams have more financial capabilities than Arsenal.

  10. Amiripz

    I don’t think that Liverpool and Valencia have any more financial muscle than Arsenal. Madrid and Barcelona do, but would Real prefer Buffon to Casillas I doubt it. Similarly, Reina seems to do well for Liverpool so I do not think Goalkeeper is a pressing concern for them. Barca and Manchester United are more likely to be rivals. The former hold the attraction of being European Champions but I think London holds more of a charm for players than Manchester, irrespective of the teams.

    I still think he will stay in Italy so we need to concentrate resources elsewhere, as well as keeping an eye on his personal circumstances. Wenger will have to buy in the next twelve months so the club may not be able to wait for Buffon to make his mind up.

  11. Mike White said

    Even if Buffon is unhappy at Juventus, I doubt that he would leave the Italian leagues. A move that would make better sense would be to try and lure Boruc out of Celtic. He’s 26 and has proven his abilities in the big time (World Cup vs. Germany, UEFA vs. Man-U). I think that he would be a very good long term solution between the pipes for Arsenal, or even for Manchester’s aging goalie Van Der Sar.

  12. Even if Buffon does not think a move to Arsenal is his cup of tea or for some unknown reason Arsene does not think Buffon is the answer, we will definitely need someone either way. I would have to agree with those of you that mention that Arsene is more than likely going to move for a lesser known GK. Recently he praised Carson and Foster (i prefer foster), and if you remember a couple of months back he commented on how he rated Craig Gordon. It certainly will be interesting to see in the summer who if anyone we get. I guess in essence, although Arsene has promised no one will come in, we would like to see a fresh face. It tends to give thw fans a boost. The are we need someone is left back. Fact.

  13. family enclosure man said

    Does anyone know if Buffon still faces investigation for his part in the various scandals that afflicted Italian football last year? I understood that he was subject to such a process. Call me a cynic, but I always thought that, despite his ‘I love this club’ front, the truth was that no big club would risk touching him with a bargepole while there was a risk that he might get a long ban from the game.

  14. HardcoreGooner4Life said

    Hello gooners,

    I know many of you won’t believe me…and I am sceptical myself…but I have heard from a very reliable source (told me about the walcott deal a week and a half before it happened)…that reo coker is about to hand in a transfer request and that he will be an arsenal player by the end of the transfer window…let’s wait and see.x

  15. I really do not think we will sign anyone hardcoregooner. Especially in the midfield area. If we were to sign a midfielder I am not sure anyone centrally would be signed. Maybe out wide, but once again Wenger is sure he will not sign anyone, upsettingly I believe him.

    Until the summer then…

  16. buffon will be a fantastic buy for arsenal fc, and might sort out the defence problem they have been having of late letting in too many goals.
    though i love Jens Lehman i think there is not another CHARACTER like him in the premiership.

  17. a couple of possible sighnings for Wenger in the summer:
    Micah Richards
    Joey Barton
    kevin nolan
    luke young
    scott parker
    Javier Navarro

  18. HardcoreGooner4Life said

    I agree with you Arsenalnews, we do not need a midfielder…especially with diaby coming back…(i love diaby…will eventually be an unbelievable player!)…just thought id let everybody know what i had heard!x

  19. Lee Saunders said

    looking at all these comments, I thought I’d leave my opinion..I do think that Buffon would be an excellent signing (but at a cost) which is why I don’t think we’ll sign him, because it may well leave Wenger short of funds in the summer when fees will be considerably lower (teams hike them p in January). I like the idea of Boruc or akinfeev as they’re both quality, but surely we shouldn’t blow all of any transfer budget on a goalie?

  20. Really think Arsenal are in transition. Its a testament to Wenger that the club has remained so brilliantly competitive and successful for so long without the sort of budget that their top competitors have had.

    Next year Arsenal will be much more competitive in the league and if Mourinho leaves you might have a Chelsea which is far less consistent. So we might just have a 3 horse race (well 4 if Liverpool put it together)

  21. and I dont really see Buffon heading to Arsenal.

  22. For the summer, I would say we need the following (if Jens leaves) –

    Left back
    Winger to replace Freddie

    Then Bendtner to come through into the first team
    Baptista to stay permanently, I am convinced he will come good

  23. bhiza said

    Buffon might not be as costful as we all think cos the news in the summer was Juve still owe us 8mil from PV4 sale and in their current situation i doubt they have paid it off.

  24. mat07 said


  25. mat07 said

    i also heard that kaka is on his way and a deal has already been struck to bring the young brazilian to the emirates

  26. rommel said

    in my candid opinion, i feel the team need a solid winger- at least two. the likes of ribery, sevilla pair i.e jesus narvas, puerto will add a lot of width to the flanks. secondly, the need for a top quality replacement for jen is an utmast priority for the team. i like the idea of buffon, boruc, akinfeev. our goalkeeping aura will be compromised if any thing less that top class is considered.

  27. rommel said

    we need to develop the adundance of talents we got. we need not sign any body. we have the players, resources, motivation and talent. and of course wenger. we are indeed blessed with this god- given disposition. i admonish the team to develop its young starlet and of course strengthen the already standard. may be leighton baines cold be a useful back up for clichy.

  28. Tunde Ajanaku (u.k) said

    I think we have got array of talented stars, all we need now is just to remain focus,for all u care the premiership is still within grasp.
    I think Alumnia should be given a chance , he is a fantastic goalkeeper.

  29. Buffon for lehman.What a replacement it would be?

    I believe that this will not happen.The top 2 clubs of english premier league man utd and arsenal are having the eldest goal keepers.they need to be replaced.In opinion both the teams will not have the money to buy buffon

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