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Bye bye Freddie? Hello Diaby!

Posted by James Dall on 9, January 2007

Morning all, many stories today compared to yesterday so I better get started.

Diaby is in the squad for tonight. I doubt we will see him start but to see him on the bench is a major plus. He can be a terrific player for our club. The sooner he is match fit, the better. There is no other details of who is in the squad. Gallas will not be back though, neither will Lauren (who has a minor toe injury), Freddie or Adebayor.

There a plenty of rumours at the moment about Freddie leaving us. 7 million to West Ham is what I have heard. If that offer is true it would be pretty hard to turn down. I still think he has something to offer this season but only in being a sound back up player. If that is good enough remains to be seen. Also Lauren is linked with West Ham, now if he goes I will be annoyed. After such a long lay off, then Arsene praising about his return to the team couple of weeks back I would be more than surprised to see him leave. So with regards to the transfer rumours, if Freddie goes we need a winger to replace him. If Lauren goes I shall be highly frustrated. We will see though. More transfer news in that Stokes completed his move to Sunderland yesterday, I wish him all the best.

Arsene talks about how ‘the class of 2007’, mainly about how over the last few years we have seen Fabregas, van Persie, Senderos and Djourou. The 2007 bunch, in Wenger’s mind, include Denilson, Traore and Randall. I presume we shall see all three in action tonight. It is always very interesting watching our new crop of talent play. Fingers crossed Song is not involved. Maybe a start for Baptista tonight also?

Yesterday we drew Bolton in the next round of te FA Cup, at least it is at home. A chance for us to hammer them I hope and wipe that smirk off Sam’s face.

Toure talks about how now we have most of our squad fit, we can fight on three fronts for the cups.

It’s going to be really difficult, but we are determined. We just need to believe in ourselves and to take it game by game, and try to win every time.

There is some chat from Arsene here, mainly about the ridiculous matter at the beginning of the season when France decided to play Henry and Gallas in a friendly, even though they clearly needed resting. That really got on my nerves that did.

There is also an interview with Rosicky here. I really respect his atitiude and am convinced he is going to be a very key player for us, for years to come.

I wanted to give my possible starting line-up but as I have no clue who is in the squad I can’t. I presume Liverpool will player a stronger team than us. I would love it if we played a younger team and came away with a victory. Our key players need resting as we have the away trip to wet and windy Blackburn on the weekend. A game we really need to win, to silence our critics and give the fans a bit more confidence when the team travels away. Anyway, come on the Gunners!


On the BBC website it says the squad is the following – Almunia, Eboue, Poom, Lehmann, Hoyte, Toure, Senderos, Clichy, Hleb, Silva, Flamini, Rosicky, Henry, Walcott, Van Persie, Baptista, Djourou, Diaby, Fabregas.

I have to admit I think that is wrong. Where is Denilson, why would Arsene play such a strong team when he has been an advocate for using youth. Plus some of those players need resting. I expect the following players to definitely be involved – Walcott, Hoyte, Almunia, Denilson, Baptista and Djourou. The rest is anyone’s guess.


35 Responses to “Bye bye Freddie? Hello Diaby!”

  1. Ollie said

    I believe the BBC have a bit of a history of publishing the wrong Arsenal squad in recent weeks at least.

  2. mjc said

    …and why would Wenger name THREE keepers – he’s never done that before????

  3. very good points lads, maybe if someone finds a correct squad list, post it here. please!

  4. MickeyBoy said

    Team News For Tonight;

    Subs; Poom, Diaby, Traore, Muamba, Song

  5. tom said

    think about it. Thats not the squad, thats our available players, we can only have 16 in the squad, there are 19 on there

  6. mjc said

    Isn’t Muamba out on loan???

  7. MickeyBoy said

    There is only 16.

  8. gazzap said

    bizzare, mickey boy. Is Muamba still at Birmingham? I have not heard anything about his return. I would expect traore to start. clichy looks tired to me.
    Dont think Hleb will travel either, though clearly I stand to be corrected.

    That BBC squad is total fiction.

  9. MickeyTalksRubbish said

    Mickey, is that your guess or inside knowledge?

    As there is one major flaw, one of those players isn’t even at Arsenal… Fabrice Muamba is on loan at Birmingham City for the season you muppett.

    How can fans not know their own team. Tsk

  10. MickeyBoy said

    Thats the talk on
    Francisco Merida Perez in the squard NOT Muamba.
    Who would be your XI for tonight?

  11. Very interesting if Merida is in the squad, I have heard great things about that boy. I would like to see Denilson start. When he came on briefly against Blackburn did anyone else think his technique appeared to be very similar to Fabregas?

  12. MickeyBoy said

    Team news taken from ARSENAL.COM

    2. Abou Diaby
    4. Francesc Fabregas
    5. Kolo Toure
    9. Julio Baptista
    15. Denilson
    17. Alex Song
    20. Johan Djourou
    21. Mart Poom
    24. Manuel Almunia
    30. Jeremie Aliadiere
    31. Justin Hoyte
    32. Theo Walcott
    33. Matthew Connolly
    40. Henry Lansbury
    43. Mark Randall
    45. Armand Traore

  13. Arsene –

    “One is to reward the players who have fought through until now, and the other is to make the team good enough to have a chance to win the game. It is always about finding the right balance because some players have done extremely well in this competition, they have shown a lot of desire.”

    “Liverpool is a tough opponent so I have to find the right balance and that’s why I will approximately rebuild the team but as well some players who are coming back from injury will have a chance to play. For me I have 20 outfield players of the same level and 10 of them will play.”

  14. MickeyBoy said

    arsenalnews; What would be your starting XI for tonights game then?

  15. mjc said

    So that’s FIVE English players in the squad – wonder if those petty little idiots at Sky will give that a mention?!

  16. Almuina, Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos, Traore, Walcott, Fabregas, Denilson,

    I really do not know who I would play on othe other wing to Theo, what is Randall’s natural position? Centre mid?

    ALiardiere and Baptista up front

  17. Excellent point Mjc, Richard Keys really bothers me. I am not sure he has ever played football in his life.

  18. mjc said

    My hope would be for:


    Traore, Connolly, Toure, Hoyte
    Fabregas, Walcott,Denilson, Song,Baptista

  19. Mjc, do you think Aliardiere should play up front on his own? Baring in mind how ineffectual he has been even in a front two? I prefer to see, if we do play 4-5-1( i hope we don’t), Baptista up top on this own. The starting line-up tonight will be very interesting. We will be underdogs as Liverpool will play a strong team, not only that the incentive of a spurs semi final is surely motivation for the players enough.

  20. lc said

    Lauren is no better than Eboue and Hoyte has managed successfully to be a good back up of Eboue. On left side, we have Clichy and Traore(with Gallas until Traore is part of first team next season). So these areas are already well covered.
    Until Lauren gets injured last season, Arsenal has been through a patern of losses with Lauren in the squad. We’ve lost most of our derby games. We lost three times to Chelsea, ones to Manu, one to Liverpool until Eboue was given a chance when Lauren was injured. So I don’t know why we are missing Lauren. If you check our statistic this season, it shows quiet clearly that we lost points only because we have not been clinical in front of goal, althoug I agree with you that our defending needs to improve and Eboue in particular. But Eboue is good enough to make the position his own. I suspect that Eboue needs to be given time to recover fully from some of neggling injuries I believe he hasn’t fully recovered from and this is probably distracting him from going on 50/50 ball with opposition players.

  21. mjc said

    I agree that Aliadiere has looked ineffective, but I reckon this could well be his last chance to put up or ship out. I can envisage Wenger playing Baptista as a split striker out of midfield, but I can’t imagine us playing a straight 4-4-2, especially as we really don’t have two wingers in the squad (unless you include Baptista who doesn’t seem that keen in playing out wide). The only other option would be Traore on the wing – now THAT I’d like to see!!!

  22. I am an admire of Eboue, do not get me wrong. He does need to recitfy a few things though – his positoning somtimes costs us. He was at fault for a couple of goals where he either showed the player onto his stronger foot and/or was not tight enough. On top of this his play acting is bothering me at the moment. He is young, with Arsene sure to iron these things out of his game, he can be a brilliant full back. Lauren just gives us a bit more solidarity at the back, obviously he is experienced and his ball retention is excellent.

  23. MickeyBoy said

    I think we need to see what Baptista can do up front. All over summer 2005 people couldn’t stop talking about him & his scoring, but i’ve only seen 1 goal. If we’re going to sign him, i think it’s about time we saw him play! Reyes “C*U*N*T” isn’t coming back (Thank god), so the deal we only be done with Baptista staying.
    I’m thinking 4-4-2 for tonight with Baptista & Aliadiere leading the chase.

  24. mjc said

    With regard to Lauren (and this is obviously not a squad for tonight!!!), think about this line-up:

    Henry, Adebayor

    Now to me that doesn’t look like a team that going to get pushed around on a rainy night oop north…

  25. mjc said

    What is a bit confusing about this squad is that there are six “centre of the park” players:

    Lansbury (who is, I would guess, travelling as emergency back-up, but primarily as a reward for playing well in the reserves).

    That might suggest that AW intends to play Baptista up-front or wide, or possibly that Fabregas will only be used as a late sub.

  26. Very interesting indeed Mjc, odd that he would take so many central players. Baptista to start up front for me. Surely!

  27. lc said

    Arsenalnews, you are right on that; but Eboue has got rooms to improve, which is not the case for Lauren who was there before, and he has to make way to others.

  28. What are people’s thoughts on this rumour about Freddie leaving?

  29. lc said

    I really wish Freddy well in his new team, possibly AC or Inter Milan. I don’t think he has looked happy with the kids and also the fans moanning has mad it really difficult for AW to keep him.
    Defensively, he has been very useful but attacking wise, he’s been really poor. I bet if he is leaving, we should expect someone else coming in soon.

  30. MickeyBoy said

    Well i can’t still Freddy going just yet, maybe in the summer as he cup-tie in the ECL.
    All Freddy needs to do to get back to his best is to grow the hair back & to die the “go-fast” strip!

  31. I guess it all boils down to where he wants to go, if he wants to saty in England then West Ham is the answer in january. However if europe then you are right mickey, end of the season it is.

  32. MickeyBoy said

    People that could/will be kicked out of Arsenal in the summer. I’m thinking; Mart Poom, Sebastian Larsson, Kerrea Gilbert, Arturo Lupoli, Nicklas Bendtner & Jeremie Aliadiere.

    Now i’d like for Jeremie “1 Neck” Aliadiere to stay & fight for a place, as i think in 2yrs he could be our answer/replacement to TH.

  33. SNP said

    ourreplacement for Henry is here is already ( and you seriously think aliadiere is even in the same class? sorry, but we must have watched him play different games – I’ve never seen him do anything) -but anyway… the next TH14? stand up, young theo, learning his trade on the wing, as TH did before him, he’ll be a central striker within 2 years and scoring 30+ a season.

  34. jack said

    i agree theo will be the next star striker and with baptisa

  35. jack said

    wot has happened with freddie

    were has he gone
    arsenal has been getting rid of alot of player and getting players who no one has heard of them r we trying to do what man u done where they get all the young plays and make them work together.

    but we need to keep up with everyone now like man u chelsea liverpool we have been now but how long is that goin to last

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