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Squad for tonight makes interesting reading

Posted by James Dall on 9, January 2007

This is the confirmed squad for tonight. I am keen to see who will start.

2. Abou Diaby
4. Francesc Fabregas
5. Kolo Toure
9. Julio Baptista
15. Denilson
17. Alex Song
20. Johan Djourou
21. Mart Poom
24. Manuel Almunia
30. Jeremie Aliadiere
31. Justin Hoyte
32. Theo Walcott
33. Matthew Connolly
40. Henri Lansbury
43. Mark Randall
45. Armand Traore

I Would love to hear people’s thoughts on what their starting line-up would be. Mine would be as follows –

Almuina, Hoyte, Djourou, Toure, Traore, Walcott, Fabregas, Denilson, ????, Aliardiere and Baptista up front.

I really do not know who I would play on other other wing to Theo. Help! why so many central players, where is the width.


38 Responses to “Squad for tonight makes interesting reading”

  1. Shaz said

    where did you get senderos from??
    my team would be: almunia, hoyte, toure, djorou, traore, walcott, cesc, denilson, song, baptista, aliadiere. 4-5-1

  2. I think Senderos is growing as the games go on, plus we need a refreshed Toure for the game on the weekened. You would play aliardiere up top on his own?

  3. Raj said

    Song? Are you having a giraffe???? I wouldn’t play ever Song but Arsene always have one dodgy one doesn’t he…there was Stepanovs then Cygan and now Song!!!

  4. Raj, Song is the midfield version of Cygan. I hope he does not start. Or does and then bosses the midfield, highly unlikely though.

  5. Boni said

    Senderos is not actually in the squad for tonight as you can see above.

    It will be Almunia, Hoyte, Toure, Djourou, Traore, Walcott, Denilson, Fabregas, Song, Aliadiere and Baptista.

    I have a feeling we might see Fabregas employed on the right or left with Walcott on the other wing in a 4-4-2.

    Alternatively Aliadiere has played on the left wing before and so Baptista might start on his own in a 4-5-1.

    I can’t see Diaby starting after all this time out though can you?

  6. Laurence said

    Song isn’t as bad as you think, he does the ugly stuff well. I know he had a shocker at Fulham but in the last round against Everton he was our best player. Looks like 4-5-1 as stated above, the Beast on the right wing.

  7. mjc said

    Only problem with playing Senderos tonight is that he’s not actually in the squad.

    As for Shaz’s tem list, I have to say that great mind’s think alike!!!

  8. Raj said

    I think he’s worse than Cygan mate. We shouldn’t really be so cruel to a 19-year-old kid but he really doesn’t look like he can play. I’m not convinced by Baptista either. He looked ok from clips I’ve seen of him playing for Brazil but the few appearances he’s made for us make me think that we won’t see him at Emirates next season. Very poor first touch.

    I was actually hoping we’d go through and play Spurs in the semis but the squad doesn’t fill me with confidence. Add to that the fact that Liverpool will be up for it tonight now that its their only hope of a domestic trophy.

  9. pezzer said

    How can Senderos start when he will be resting his tired legs in Barnet….(where he lives)…
    Djorou and Toure will start…Baptista will play wide left supporting Alli up front…
    Diaby and Cesc in the middle..(in 2 years the best midfield in Europe)

    If we win tnite then BACK US TO WIN THE CUP TREBLE AT AROUND 150/1!!!

  10. Complete error by me. Apologies. in that case it will be the pairing of Toure and Djourou. Boni I have to agree with your starting line up. It remains to be seen whether it will be the 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. I do hope Fabregas is not pushed out wide. Beating players is certainly not his strength, he is more a central pass and move guy. The beast out wide would be a shame also as that is not his natural position. Surely Wenger could have left out one of the other cenrtal players and brought in a natural winger? I thought Merida could play wide left? Diaby may come on very late on I presume but nothing more than that.

  11. mjc said

    With regard to the centre-backs, it was interesting that AW dropped Djourou for Senderos for Saturday’s game. And Senderos played brilliantly. I suspect Wenger will be tempted to go with Connolly tonight as he’s better at the things that Senderos does well than Djourou is (such as lofted balls and crosses). We then have Toure for the tidying up defending that he does so well.

  12. Dave said

    Senderos isn’t in the squad.

    Song is a young kid. Give the guy a chance. People are so quick to write players off. Maybe he won’t be good enough in the long run, but he shouldn’t be slaughtered. He does an unfussy job like Gilberto and let’s face it, it’s probably the same poeple who were slagging Gilberto off months ago who are now saying he should be captain. And the same people who slag Famini off, but were ready to have his children when he scored against Chelsea.

    Stepanovs and Cygan were never as bad as people made out either.

  13. Stuart said


    Stop being an idiot! Fine Song isn’t exactly a world beater but he is only 19. How many appearances has he made in total? If managers had your thought process Bergkamp wouldnt have survived six months at Arsenal and after Euro’ 88 Tony Adams should never have played for England again!

    Give Song a break – time will tell.

  14. Dave you are an optimisit and that certainly is not a bad thing, however, Song from what I have seen has been terrible. I know he is young and I will give him time but so far he has not shown me something that makes me think he has potential. I think Flamini is a top asset in the squad and always have done (if you read my previous bogs, you will see that) Gilberto too. I never thought he was poor, he is a terrific player for us.

    what would be you starting line up dave?

    come on the gunners!!

  15. Isragooner said

    You gotta have balance,and u might want to keep ur chances alive defensive-wise,so better start with kolo toure
    so for me it’s

    Hoyte Toure Senderos Traore
    Walcott Cesc Song/Diaby Denilson Baptista

    The squad screams 4-5-1 simply because there isn’t enough attacking midfielders,and wenger tends to use that formation while playing tough away matches.

  16. CarlostheGooner said

    4-5-1 but not sure who will play on the left, if i was to guess then it would be Song although Randall has played there for the reserves this season. Anyone know much about Lansbury (apart from what’s on the official website)? He must have known he was playing as he would have to get permission for a day off school 🙂 . If he comes on he beats Cesc’s record as youngest player to play for us

  17. Raj said

    Yeah fair point. I suppose some of us are being harsh on the likes of Song. I guess its just sheer frustration this season. To be honest, if we judged everyone from the Sheffield United game you’d think we haven’t got enough decent players to make a decent first eleven.

  18. RayGooner said

    The starting line-up will be:
    Poom, Hoyte, Touré, Djourou, Traore, Walcott, Denìlson, Fabregas, Randall, Baptista, Aliadiere.
    Formation: 4-4-1-1.

  19. mjc said

    Only thing I know about Lansbury is that his Mum is called Angela…

    Also Isragooner, Senderos is STILL not in the squad 😉

  20. Danny said

    I can see us starting 4-4-2.


    Julio will probably drop deep from time to time, but i think Wenger wants 2 upfront.

  21. MickeyBoy said

    I’m thinking tonight team will be 4-4-2, but baptista just in front of midfield looking like this


    Hoyte Toure Senderos Traore

    Walcott Denilson Song/Lansbury Randall


  22. Amds said

    I think the line-up might be:

    Alumunia, Connolly, Djorou, Toure, Hoyte, Walcott, Denilson, Baptista, Cesc, Traore, Aliadiere.


    Or Beptista on top with Aliadiere in a 4-4-2

  23. CarlostheGooner said

    Mjc – she would have to have been fertile at 70! More likely great Grand Mother. Like Ray Gooners team but as Song is in the squad I think he’ll play. I wish him well.

  24. Stuart said

    We may need Angela Lansbury tonight to solve the mystery of how arsenal scored three goals at anfield from three attacks last week whilst being less then efficent in recent months.


  25. Will 2000 said

    I’m struggling with the left side too…how about


    Hoyte Toure Connolly Djouru

    Walcott Cesc Denilson Traore

    Baptista Aliadiere

    Too early for Diaby to start I reckon, but should come on 2nd half. Traore is good enough and quick enough on the ball to play left midfield.

  26. Ash said

    I am looking forwards to see how Traore and Denilson perform. Song, Baptista and Aliadiere really need to perform tonight

  27. Nozaldinho said

    Arsenal can win the FA cup, Carling cup,Champions league and then go on to win the world championship.

  28. Raj said

    I like your optimism Nozaldinho but 1 step at a time eh. Let’s see first if Arsenal can reach the semis of the Carling cup. I’ve sat frustrated on the nice padded seats too many times this season watching Arsenal waste chance after chance settling for a 1-1 draw. Not to mention the away day horrors at Bolton, Sheffield United, Manc City…should I go on? Having said all that I am still optimistic that Arsenal have got something to give this year, the win at Old Trafford, the demolition of Reading (who let’s not forget drew with Liverpool and hammered the hammers) and the win at Anfield…for now let’s just hope that we can win again tonight.

  29. SNP said

    Randall plays wide doesnt he?



    Traore, Djourou, Toure, Hoyte

    Randall, Cesc, Denilson/Diaby ( 45 each?) Walcott

    Aliadiere, Baptista.

    a team that may struggle to beat a full strength scouse lineup.. but ya never know.

  30. SNP said

    then again, if the scousers turn up this weekend for their PL game with heavy legs, a few knocks etc, and lose, whilst our ( fresh) first team wins…. we’d take that, wouldnt we? even if we do go down tonight. Or are we *really* after the treble?

  31. steve said


  32. steve said

    lollll 4-1 @ half time this is funny

  33. bhiza said

    I decided to leave it and try and not get involved in the song debate, but i am seriously getting fed up wit wat im reading from so -called arsenal fans who have been on song’s bck for i dont kno how long, none of you attend the youth games and witness the way in which song runs a midfield, he is only 19 and to use him as a vent for ure frustration is not only unfair but stupid to the highest degree. He ruled Gerard in that game and thats supposedly 1 of your GREAT(lol as i write that) ENGLISH players so grow up and use common sense before messing up a young boy’s career by disturbin his development

  34. joe blogg said

    6 lucky goals!
    We should have won 3 nil!!

  35. Shaz said

    Raj: Song? Are you having a giraffe????
    Arsenal News: Raj, Song is the midfield version of Cygan. I hope he does not start.

    Song was brilliant last night. hope that shut you both up.

  36. Raj said

    I’m happy to raise my hands and accept fault in criticising Song. Just frustration… the amount of money I spend on match tickets, Sky Sports, Pay Per View only to see the feeble performances of the team against the likes of Fulham and Sheffield United. Still unfair to judge the kid so early. He had a fairly decent game last night and let’s hope his performances move onwards and upwards. As for the match itself, 6-3 was a great result but we really shouldn’t get carried away with this. Next game is Blackburn away in the Premiership. How many of us would bet on Arsenal coming away with 3 points or even 1. I decided not to give up my Saturday to go up there and I really do hope that I regret that decision and we put 6 past Blackburn too. Let’s see where the season goes now. Hopefully the confidence gained from the last 2 games will help.

  37. amiripz said

    Outstanding performance by those youngsters out there.
    Arsenal has the best young players in the world.

    Bravo Arsene for assembling such gifted players.

  38. mr mooseman said

    well shaz u need 2 get a grip that team is a shit team n this is a real team
    almunia,song,toure,sendoros,clichy,denilson,cesc,flamini,rosicky,adebayor,walcott tht is a proper team u absolout cock end

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