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Round-up and further thoughts

Posted by James Dall on 10, January 2007

Well obviously I am delighted with the result. Our youngsters showed they have amazing potential and it was excellent to see some of the players some of us doubted, including me, play well. However… and it is a big however, it is important not to get too carried away. Great players are all about consistency. Unfortunately for Song, Aliardiere and Baptista, it appears unlikely that either will gain a good run in the team.

I think even the most optimistic Arsenal fan would not have said that we would come away from the double header against Liverpool with two victories, scoring 9. Incredible really. I think it is important to be aware of the comparison between the two sets of youngsters last night. Liverpool’s looked fairly ordinary. Whereas ours were fast strong and technical sharp. Really that is a testament to Wenger, who just has an amazing eye for talent.

With regards to other stories today, there are a couple. Mainly to do with the possible exits of Ljungberg and Lauren. I would prefer to see neither leave until the end of the season but whatever happens I do trust Wenger. He tends to be right when deciding the time is right for a player to move on. It remains to be seen if either will leave of if it is just press speculation, however there are two stories here and here about the possible moves.

In the interview after the game Arsene made it pretty clear he wants Aliardiere to stay. I guess it all depends on the player. He wants to play, which is completely understandable. I guess as I said earlier time will tell. When January is over we will have a better idea of the future of our squad.

Apologies for the two seperate blogs today but I was busy doing group work at uni, oh what fun. Until tomorrow everyone. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


3 Responses to “Round-up and further thoughts”

  1. KEN said

    I think it was in november that the BOSS said that he has so much faith in this team and very soon they will be hammering oposition teams,since then i have lost count of how many goal scored by this team…..THIS MAN REALLY KNOWS…………..

  2. JIMMY said

    6-3 to the arsenal that match was bare safe

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