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Trio answer their critics

Posted by James Dall on 10, January 2007

An absolutety bizarre game last night. We won 6-3 in a game that was just an incredible spectacle.

We started brightly but then our rhythm was disrupted by the injury to Gonzalez. Then a similar pattern started from the weekend. We had minor possession of the ball but Liverpool created little. We then got a goal out of nothing really. Toure hit a long ball over the back line and Aliardiere killed the ball and poked it at Dudek, who got something on it but then Aliardiere had another stab and in it went. Get in there!

Song then gave away a cheap free kick on the edge of the area, which was parried by Almunia but Liverpool managed to squeeze it in. Game on. We then won a free kick about 25 yards out. After the first free kick, which was a shambles I did not really have high hopes however Baptista dipped it perfectly over the wall. Not sure why Dudek did not dive but none the less we were in front again and I was delighted. Our third came from a corner, Dudek was in no mans land and the ball hit song on the eldow and went in. I could not believe it. Baptista then gained possession, played a gorgeous one two with Jeremie and then tapped into an empty net. 4-1 at half time. Yay!

Confusingly Benitez did not bring on Alonso or Crouch at half time, so it was more of the same. We were bossing the midfield now and looking comfortable. Aliardiere won a clear penalty, which Baptista stepped up for. On a hatrick I was sure he would bury it but it was excellently saved by Dudek. This gave Anfield a boost and Liverpool picked their game up. Our fifth came from our own corner flag. Fabregas pinged an excellent ball into the channel which Aliardiere chased, beat a defender then slotted it to Baptista who slotted from 20 yards into the bottom corner.

Liverpool responded with two goals, both sloppy defending form us really. The crowd though an amazing come back was on. How wrong they were. Another break, and another chase by Aliardiere who slid Baptista, who simply tapped home. 6-3 at Anfield. Awesome!

So here are the player ratings in my opinon –

Almunia – 7 – superb handling all night, no chance with any of the goals

Hoyte – 7 – seems to be improving, a sound defensive display

Djourou – 6 – steady at the back

Toure – 7 – kept things organised

Traore – 6 – needs to improve defensively but showed signs of promise

Walcott – 6 – nothing really came off for him, flashes of class though

Fabregas – 8 – vital in our victory, kept possession so well

Song – 8 – a sound display, proved me wrong. scored also. Did the ugly things well.

Denilson – 6 – out of position but showed he has potential

Aliardiere – 9 – immense, proved many doubters wrong, including myself. chased after everything. his off the ball movement was amazing

Baptista – 9 – superb finishing, looked dangerous.

Subs – Diaby – 6- good to see him back, Connolly – 6- little time

Arsene had this to say after the game –

I always believed that Baptista could deliver. I have been impressed by his mental strength and his team attitude and that is why I believed it would come out at some stage. He has scored four goals but I also think that Jeremie Aliadiere was outstanding. Both players up front put in a great performance. I am highly tempted to pick the youngsters against Tottenham. They went to Everton and beat them, they came to Anfield and beat them, they won at West Brom. They have earned the right to play.

Another blog a bit later, with a further summary of the performance and some of the stories that are happening today. Until then.


2 Responses to “Trio answer their critics”

  1. KEN said

    I think it was in november that the BOSS said that he has so much faith in this team and very soon they will be hammering oposition teams,since then i have lost count of how many goals scored by this team…..THIS MAN REALLY KNOWS…………..

  2. Flint McCullough said

    I think Dudek was caught out by the ball dipping so low when he was set for the top corner, where these free kicks normally go. I would really only totally blame him for Song’s goal

    Almunia made a great save from a free kick that would have beaten many, in the 2nd half.

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