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Adebayor returns, and so do I

Posted by James Dall on 12, January 2007

Morning, yesterday there was no blog as I was very busy doing my assignment, ah the joys of the final year at university. My apologies though. Anyway…

Squad news can be read here. Adebayor is back, clearly a major bonus. We now have a fully fit front line. Henry, van Persie, Baptista, Adebayor and Aliardiere. Not bad at all in my opinion. It still remains to be seen if Jeremie will stay. Now we all know how well he played on Tuesday but one performance does not make a player. Coupled with that, the boy clearly wants to play first team football on a regular basis, and I just do not think he is going to get here. Especially if you look at the quality in front of him. My hat goes off to him though for that incredible display on Tuesday. 19 more days left of January so still a lot can happen.

An unfortunate bit of news is that Gallas has had a setback and will not be available now for another two or three weeks. Senderos and Djourou have been playing well but Gallas is world class and on his return, the centre back partnership of Gallas and Toure will look formidable on paper.

Eboue is not available for the weekend, although i think that is only minor. What with Lauren still not ready it appears that the ever improving Hoyte will slot in at right back again. It still remains to be seen if Lauren is going to leave. If he does it can only be due to that fact Wenger has seen that Lauren is way off what he was for us before his injury. Once again time will tell on this matter.

Freddie is still not back from injury. Wenger talks about how he still has something to offer to the team though –

“There has been much speculation about Freddie Ljungberg in the media over the last few days, but given his dedication and contribution to the team’s success since joining the Club I feel it is important to state that Freddie is a valuable member of our squad. Although I can’t predict the future, Freddie’s experience and winner’s attitude means he still has a lot to offer us.

Interesting comments indeed. He has been fantastic for the club. There is no doubting that. Just whether he can regain his form of a couple of seasons back. He seems to be highly injury prone now. Personally I think he will stay until the summer. He still is an excellent squad player and I can see him moving to Italy in the summer. Then Arsene will surely bring in a replacement. Ribery…?

After Baptista destroyed Liverpool, there has been a couple of things about him in the media. Firstly him talking about how Arsenal can help him become the Beast once more.

Arsene Wenger has put so much confidence in me that I have been telling friends for weeks now Arsenal is the club which will make me ‘The Beast’ again.

And then also this from Henry about how he gave him some advice. Henry is awesome isn’t he.

That is about it, on a slow Friday. I imagine there might be a bit more after the manager holds his press conference. There might be a second blog after that. Hooray it is Friday! Of course we have a difficult tie tomorrow but with so many rested quality players to come back I am quietly confident. A preview tomorrow then. Enjoy your Friday.


3 Responses to “Adebayor returns, and so do I”

  1. Raj said

    I really hope we can put an end to this habit of losing to the less flattering teams up-north (Man City, Sheffield United, Bolton…). I mean no disrespect there but a team that beats Manure at O.T. and hammers Liverpool at Anfield should do better in these games. I’ve decided not to trek up to Blackburn but I will be parting with my £8 for Pay Per View. I’m feeling quite confident about tomorrow in that we seem to have this almost Brazillian attitude of anything you can score, we can score more. While this is not safe in the long run, its good to watch and I hope we get more of that tomorrow…Bring it on!!!

  2. Flint McCullough said

    Afraid tomorrow has all the hallmarks- high winds & heavy rain forcast so it could be another lottery like Sheffield Utd.

    We could still win the lottery though.

    With almost everyone fit we can now play 2 forwards with 3 on the bench. A very good position to be in.

    I really hope we can keep Aliadiere because I think he has the most potential, with pace & developing strength, to eventually replace TH14.

  3. Raj said

    Flint, I like Aliadiere too for those very same reasons. From what I’ve seen of him, he seems to have pace to burn and he uses it effectively. As we saw for the 6th at Anfield, he knows how to use his strength too. It looks at the moment as if Arsenal have no shortage of options up front at the moment; not forgetting that Walcott is technically a forward and there is still Bendtner and Lupoli to come back. I’ve read on a few sites recently that Lupoli won’t be staying next season. Does anyone know anymore about that? I suppose someone has to go though. As with Stokes, its not good to see a young player leave but it is impossible to keep them all happy and at some point Arsene will have to pick his best 4-5.

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