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Arsene’s press conference certainly was intriguing

Posted by James Dall on 12, January 2007

A trio of interesting points have come out of this afternoon’s press conference.

First of all, the issue of Aliardiere. Jeremie himself talks about how he actually never said he wanted to leave Arsenal.

I never said I wanted to leave the Club.All I said was that I wanted to play. That’s my priority. I want to play football. I want to be involved every weekend but I haven’t played a lot in the last six months since I came back from my loan last season. Obviously if I can’t play here then I will have to play somewhere else, but Arsenal is my priority. There’s a lot of competition, a lot of great players and it’s really hard to get your place in there but I think every time I’ve got the opportunity to play I’ve done my best and in training every day as well. That’s all I can do.

All fair comments I feel. My guess is he will make a decision at the end of the season. He certainly has staked a strong claim for himself after Tuesday’s performance. It is important for him to really take is next opportunity. It is clear that Arsene wants him to stay –

Players like Aliadiere are sometimes difficult to keep because I cannot give him the number of games he wants and deserves. But I do not want to lose him because I have worked for seven years with him now. He is a super player and I do not want to sell him. He does not want to go on loan, he wants to play somewhere and I can understand that. He has three more years on his contract and I hope he will see that out.

I guess unless a brilliant offer comes in then he will stay. A brilliant offer would be a sound financial deal for Arsenal and then a guarentee of regular first team football for Jeremie.

Second on the agenda is Lauren. I have to admit this came has a surprise to me –

The problem is that since Lauren got injured I have Justin Hoyte who got promoted, I have Emmanuel Eboue who got promoted and I have Johan Djourou who can play in there too. It’s always the same. You make room for young players and then it is difficult to leave them out again. I feel we have too many players in that position now. Lauren is free to talk to anyone because it is the end of his contract but frankly I don’t know if he has spoken to West Ham. He doesn’t have to inform me if he wants to speak to anyone.

Well that is a bit of a shock. By reading that closely it looks like that is it for him. No contract renewal will be offered so he is free to talk to anyone. I presume he will go at the end of the season, although to be honest it sounds like Wenger sees no place for him at all. The comment about Djourou is a strange one. I am sure he could play there as a last resort but not with any rel conviction. No mention of Gilbert? I thought he might have promise. More promise than Hoyte anyway. Very strange indeed. Lauren will be back up then I presume until he leaves.

There is also this little quote at the bottom of the story by the Arsenal Website (I do not have Arsenal TV online thing so if anyone does I would be interested to hear the ins and outs of this) ‘Sebastian Larsson might be sold but his fellow loanees Nicklas Bendtner and Fabrice Muamba will not be leaving Arsenal.’ No shock there really. I have high hopes for Bendtner but as for Muamba, I do not know enough about him to comment. No mention of Lupoli though? Personally I think he will leave.

Last but not least, Freddie will not leave. Apparently Arsene needed to wait and see if Freddie was prepared to battle for his place. He is apparently, excellent attitude. I do believe a 100% match fit Freddie Ljungberg can be an asset for us.

A preview of the match tomorrow. I look forward to reading your comment’s about these interesting turn of events.


13 Responses to “Arsene’s press conference certainly was intriguing”

  1. tor said

    good points.. thinks its a shame about Gilbert, as it seems as he has more to offer than Hoyte..

  2. geirsan said

    Why would he have to mention every player with a right foot? Not mentioning Gilbert doesn’t mean anything at all.

  3. Alan said

    I agree with you regarding Kerrea Gilbert. He looks every bit a potential Arsenal player and did so the time or two I saw him play for the Gunners. I think that this kid could be an international FB.

    I have seen Muamba play for Birmingham and my take on him is that he is every bit as good as Diaby.

    One other positive that came from the Carling Cup game was the display of Alex Song. I see now what Arsene saw in him – he looked like Flamini with more skill. Good ‘engine’ and passing, though he sometimes needs a kick when he is in posession as he’s a little too laid back.

  4. run said

    I love lauren, his attitude, his toughness, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go. Think back to the 2005 FA Cup final against Manure and he was absolutely run ragged by Ronoldo and a bunch of fans began to question his future with the team.

    It is a credit to his presence and attitude that fans remember him so fondly, but if we are honest he was starting to lose form even before the injury.

    I won’t blame him if he doesn’t want to be dropped this late in his career and I think he deserves 1st team football somewhere else if that’s what he wants.

  5. bhiza said

    people dont read much into the non mention of Gilbert, he was talkin bout players that have been promoted and as of yet gilbert has not if he comes bck and takes his chance then arsene will make decision

  6. Flint McCullough said

    Did you not see Djourou play RB against Villa & Pompey last season?

    It was when he played there that I saw how quick he was. He is becoming too good to leave out & because of his physique, speed, control & intelligence he is very much a serious option at RB.

    However I am sad to see Ralph go, particularly as last season he was one of the few “experienced” players who stood up to be counted last season. AW has explained the reason & if he gets a good 3 year contract somewhere then the best of luck to him. He will get a tremendous reception at the Emerates.

  7. Geirsan, I am not expecting him to mention everyone with a right foot. I just thought he might have mentioned the rest of the loanees? Flint, I completely agree Djourou has fantastic control and speed etc but for those reasons I enjoy him in the centre of defence. There is nothing more assuring than having a technically gifted central defender. Especially in the way that we play our game – out from the back.

  8. Flint McCullough said

    Yes AN but at the moment we have other options at CB especially when Gallas returns.

    I expect Swiss Tony to play at Blackburn but Djourou will probably be better suited for the MU game because of his recovery pace. Horses for courses I suppose.

  9. You are on the money there. Senderos and Djourou both hav contrasting qualities. I also expect Senderos to play today as surely Blackburn will play mostly long balls. Today is one of those games I simply do not look forward to. I hope today is the turning point for out north west losses…

  10. Flint McCullough said

    I don’t think there will ever be a turning point. In poor conditions we will always have problems, even our best sides have not found it easy.

    With weather conditions likely to make today the lottery that Sheff Utd was. We have to keep a perspective.

  11. Biggooner said

    Freddie needs to go…i love him because he is arsenal through and through and you can tell he passionately cares about the club, however his qualities have eroded in the last couple of years…he is not good enough any more.

  12. ClockendJim said

    I am sad to see that Lauren may be going. I do not think that either Hoyte or Eboue are strong enough defensively. Also their positional sense is very suspect; have you noticed how often there is enormous space on our right side with no FB in sight.
    Blackburn recognised this and got the ball to Pedersen at every opportunity.
    I agree with most of my fellow Gooners above that Gilbert looked the most promising of all the young full backs – please get him back. Until then I would feel safer with dependable Ralph filling the right back role

  13. mus london said

    Are boys are letting us down must play more attacking football no point looking good and losing.psv tomorow beinng 1 0 down we need to score and defend that will be hard with psv waiting for arsenal to presher so they can counter us. come on you reds!!!!

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