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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – just not that good

Posted by James Dall on 15, January 2007

Evening. Now this blog is not relevant to Arsenal but I needed to write it. I needed to get some things off my chest. I know the site is called Arsenal News, however it is a blog in its entirety, therefore it enables people to express their thoughts.

So here it goes…

I have owned every Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) available. I played it before it became PES. I thoroughly enjoyed the installments on the PS1 and on the N64. I was smitten with the game. Fifa had lost its way and finally a game had been released which enabled you to play realistic, flowing football, and not win 9-8.

Around October 2006 I was anticipating my copy of PES6. I was excited. We all were excited. PES5 had its faults – niggly fouls, bad refereeing among many others but it was still an excellent game. I am at university, therefore PES gets played a hell of a lot. Being in my final year now I am not sure a day as gone by that PES has not been on at least once. My housemates and I play it a silly amount. Whether it is against each other, 2 v 2 or mater league. We all love it. Anyway, I am waffling…

As I was saying, I was eagerly waiting for the game to arrive. It did a couple of days early. Hooray! I was delighted. Now at first, as with any PES, you need time to adapt. Get used to how it feels. Since then I have done. I can conclude, in my opinion, that this is the worst PES that I have played. I will of course justify my reasoning for this shortly. Now I know for a fact, many people will jump to its defence, say I am talking rubbish, and that is fair enough. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. And in the comments section I look forward to reading them. So here goes….


Many are advocates for the way PES6 enables you to play free flowing moves, and do not get me wrong, sometimes you can. It is gorgeous to watch. However, the game is flawed. I lose count of how many times you see the pass, you press pass, you press the direction and it rolls into no mans land, or even worse to a player who you were never going to pass too. Why? I have never encountered this on PES. There is nothing worse than a loose pass, especially when it is an easy one. Before you jump on my back, I am aware that not all passes will go to feet. I would not be realistic if they did but this is just a joke. Ahhh, first point finished

Changing Player

I, like many other people I know play the game with manual cursor change turned on. This gives you the freedom to flick between who you need around the ball. Well so you would think. Countless times someone has been in an attacking position and I am madly pressing L1 to change player so I can get a defender and it gives me all sorts of players behind the ball. Useless by the time I get him it is in the back of the net. Rubbish


The goalkeeping on this game is horrific. The realism is way off. First point – when you are clean through, it is just to easy to speed run passed the GK. It really is too easy. Embarrassing really. It took me and my mates about a day to see this fault. Second of all, why on earth do they parry so much, why? I can understand if I am playing with someone shocking in net but we play with out master league teams. Most world class GK’s on the game parry every other shot. Worse still they parry it into the centre of the penalty area. Not wide. But straight to a striker. It happens all the time.


Now to be fair to PES6, on this one they have eliminated the annoying niggly fouls that were on PES5. These were terrible. They are gone, hurrah. Oh wait, no, they thought they would incorporate new faults… When someone is clean through and you slide in, from the side get the ball. It is a foul, the ref usually sends him off also. Why? if the ball flies off 50 yards due to you making a superb challenge, how is that possibly a foul. I could understand if I had just gone through the back of him. So strange. Sliding tackles are discouraged on the game to be honest. You are lucky not to get booked for one. Even if you get the ball.


Defending on this game is harder. Now I like that. It is not a complaint. I enjoy the test of having Christiano running at you while you stay on your feet and attempt to nick it off him. What I do not enjoy is the computers AI. It is a mess. while you jockey, for some unknown reason your other centre back will step up. Or if you are wide preventing a cross your defender will trot across to you leaving the striker unmarked. The worst thing is the thing we call the pirouette. Where you read a run, you read a through ball, you are tracking back and they slot it through. You are cutting that out, or so you think, the defender decides to do a 180 degree or 360 spin, losing you about 3 yards. Excellent. Thanks for that.

Last but not least, Crossing

Crossing is terrible. You get near the corner flag, you press circle once or even a double tap, the ball heads to the edge of the area? Why? Who knows. Coupled with this, even if it makes it near the penalty spot, we see hardly any midfielders or striker attempting to get into the box and win the header.

Further criticisms…

Shooting – after reading comments and chatting to my mates, it appears that I simply forgot the problem of shooting. The shooting is highly inconsistent. Most of the time it blasts at the goalkeeper. Straight into his arms. Even if you gain the correct body angle to bury one bottom corner. It is not that I want to score more, if I found the bottom corner and it was saved I would have no problem. But it is almost impossible to do so. Even with someone like Henry. Countless times it will inexplicably fly over the bar. The shooting needs a lot of work. If they improved the shooting to make it more realistic, then in turn improved the goalkeeping so they made better saves, I think we would have a better game as a whole.

Free kicks – how often do you score a free kick? Where is the consistency with free kicks? You can take two in succession, with the same player, use the same power and directional buttons and one will fly over, the other crashing into the wall. Free kicks are terrible. I think we have only scored about 5 since October… I do not expect free kicks to go flying in. Not at all. But surely there is a happy medium. Resolve it Konami.

To finish off…

Now I know, more than likely people will disagree. Mainly because they are too in love with the game to see the faults. Or because simply they do not know what on earth football is about. And yes there will be people who say ‘it is just a game’, I know that of course. My main problem is that it does not take long to see faults, so what on earth have Konami been doing all this time. Did they even test it once? Or if it was tested who the bloody hell tested it.

I will continue to play this game, as nothing comes close and at times there are periods where it is error free. But after countless attempts you would think PES would be getting better, not worse.


33 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – just not that good”

  1. steve barts said

    you could not have picked the points out in more depth than you have. I completely agree

  2. Dave Cressey said

    You make some valid points and it would be hard for people to argue with you. However, I do think PES wouldn’t be PES without it’s flaws. Every version so far has had at least a few but we become accustom to them, adapt and take it in our stride. I know we shouldn’t have to but it’s neccessary in order to enjoy what always has the potential to be a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding game. PES will never be perfect, no game ever will be. This version is of course different to any other PES installment, which it has to be in order to sell, but this brings me to my point. Apart from the graphics, no PES game has ever been free of flaws and therefore has never been a ‘better’ version to any other one. All you can do with PES6 is accept that it is the latest version of what still is the best football series around and play the best football you can despite it’s never ending flaws. I say embrace it and enjoy it, ‘cos without this game in our lives, there would be no other football game worthy of playing – FIFA included.

  3. hagis said

    Good points – forgot to mention the comical attempt at implementing “online” play into the game.

  4. Jim said

    PES i agree is the best football game there is but in my opinion you can’t beat PES4. PES5 and 6 have been big let downs.

  5. Again i agree with you, i haven’t encountered the running past the goalkeeper but will have a go. Like you i played with manual switching but after 5 games changed to the minimum automatic, only problem is now it changes player when i don’t want so i still let in the same goals! I find using L1 and Circle to cross helps the accuracy a bit at times, but i’ve always been a try and walk it in the goal while making people look stupid or a thunderbolt from miles out kind of player.

    The main thing is thank god for the tackling being sorted, i didn’t play the last one because it infuriated me and i was in danger of breaking it!

    On another point FIFA 07 isn’t as bad as before, the gameplay has improved and always has the bonus point of real names.

  6. Ryan said

    Have you played the Xbox 360 version of the game?

  7. No I have not Ryan but I heard a rumour that some of these errors do not exist on the 360?

  8. Chris Wright said

    You should give FIFA 07 a rent. I’ve been a PES fan since it was ISS too, but I heard alot of negativity for PES6, so I decided to take the risk and plunge in for FIFA07, and it really does play an excellent game of football. After playing PES6, I prefere FIFA over PES this year. Just a suggestion.

  9. nightmook said

    After reading a lot of pre-release reviews of this I, for the first time in the PES series, didn’t even bother going out to get this latest version for many of the reasons you have just explained. Also, I know Konami have always been about the gameplay rather than the licences but (& as much as I loved Highbury) I just can’t get past the idea that not using a our new stadium immediately rendered the game as being somewhat outdated.

  10. richie said

    good points,what i cant stand is that you have world class strikers have more possesion 55% and shots on goal 20 -5 and on target 6-1 and lose 1-0 on a regular basis,especially if you are the away team,but i didnt like the fact that they rushed the game out and couldnt be bothered to add the emirates stadium,but what i really hate is you do a perfect sliding tackle and the person you have just tackled recovers before you and still comes away with the ball

  11. shady said

    hey i totaly agree with what u are saying. i joined at pes 5 and that blew me away it was the best soccer game ever but pes 6 was a major let down. the main flaws were the passing and i am surprised u didnt mention the shooting. have u noticed how top players such as henry blast the ball like 50 meters above the posts or the ball seems to go straight to the keeper….its still an enjoyable game but as u said not taht good.

  12. longtimegunner87 said

    To be honest i’ve only playtested the ps2 version all i remember was the graphics weren’t all that (to be honest i have a been playing games on 360 so ps2 looks outdated) It wasn’t too bad but didnt have enough time to see the flaws. I play the 360 version and like you have owned all pes games. Personally it play a fantastic game of football and to be honest i cant remember a time when the keeper let me run past him and score also the keepers are frustratingly good at times except when im running in the box with thierry! Thought i’d let you know that other than the fouls being the same on the 360 version it does play a great game of football and you can score some fantastic goals. My advice get yourself a 360! Only problem is you cant edit your players or team.

  13. J J Coolaid said

    I like you have been playing Konami’s ISS and PES since the SNES days and it has always been the definitive football game. As an Arsenal fan I do also try to play the same way the Gunners do pass and move (goes without saying). I recently got myself a new LCD TV so decided to upgrade to the XBOX 360 also I purchased PES6 for this format. What a big mistake. All your points are extremly valid. The game frustrates me no end. Passing is really bad the goalkeepers are even worse. In one on one situations they are useless. Playing online if you can actually find someone to play against is so frustrating I almost smashed my new TV. And to top things off Konami have regressed in terms of options you can’t edit players, teams or anything alse for that matter n the 360. I too will continue playing the game, but I think Konami is beginning to get complacent. Now I’ve also played FIFA 07 shock horror!! It really isn’t that bad a game and if PES continue bringing in their present form they will start losing that cult following they are relying on at present. Come on Konami you know and the rest of the cyber football playing world know you can do a lot better sort it out and real quick. I mean for example Arsenal are a licenced team and on the 360 version their new lovely stadium is nowhere to be found and in the PS2 version they at least kept Highbury even though she no longer exists as the home of the beautiful game.

  14. Le Bob said

    I’m a wee bit drunk, so I couldn’t be bothered to read all the replies. But, here goes.

    I’ve owned every PES too. Initially, I liked PES6 but for one thing, the shooting which was terrific on PES5, and the annoying goal-keeping.

    But I did feel that the passing was better, player movement was better, and the tackling was better.

    But the downs, esp. shooting, soon started to outweigh the ups. However, I refused to give up. After several games, and not least 4 seasons building a team in the ML (without superstars) things started to gell really well. Team movement is excellent, passing is excellent, and the varieties of goals I’ve scored are more than on any previous version (I have currently scored more goals than any other team in the 4 leagues). This is on the hardest level, btw. The defence got better, too, as has the goal keeping.

    My feeling is that, on the ML-modeat least, much has been left up to building a balanced team, getting the right formation etc. that you do need more patience this time around. You may not like it, but I’ve grown to love it.

    That’s not to say that things cannot be improved, tho’.

  15. wizly said

    I am a true PES fan, have been since ISS and accept the flaws. majority of this can be corrected if you edit the players with your knowledge of the beautiful game ( not ridiculous editing though). I guess that is why we have the edit could be time consuming but we have a year to enjoy always.
    long live PES.

  16. useyourimagination said

    i think people think pes6 is so bad is because they were expecting so much this time. It has many errors i agree, the fouling and referees are terrible. Defo needs sorting in PES7. I am also tired of having to download all the updated teams names , kits etc, why don’t they just do a proper job like fifa. Fifa have made an enjoyable game this year with more realism and ball physics. I think the best option is to combine PES’s game play with Fifa’s structure and that would be 1 awsome game.

  17. marksman said

    The xbox 360 version is EVEN WORSE, heading in goals is stupidly difficult and playing a square is impossible, cutbacks seem to go back to the halway line more often than not. The absolute worse has to be that you CAN’T save goals!!!! but being PES its still way better than fifa 07, even with all of the faults

  18. It seems on the week that the former great ‘Rocky Balboa’ finally bows out, we must also take time to remember a fallen hero, James Dall. I had the pleasure of playing with James at Pro for over 6 years. For a long period he established himself as the master of PES. Much like Real Madrid became an institute in European football, James not only competed, he dominated at Konami’s finest creation to date. Countless titles and tributes fueled his reputation as the greatest. Although playing him became less frequent in recent years, his passion never once faded, nor faltered. One of my greatest achievements was taking James’ title at a 17-strong tournoi, playing the great PES4. Unfortunately since this memorable event I remain Champion, but with a price. It seems the people’s person Dall has slowly lost his love for Larcos and Babangida, and instead of adopting the ‘never say die’ attitude that made sure he was No. 1, he has chosen to pick apart the game that made him what he is today.
    Konami have changed the passing to slowly push people towards the revolutionary Pro to be released on the Playstation 3 at the latter end of this year. Next generation gaming will ensure that manual passing, and the user’s creativity will become essential to beating established players. No longer will we be restricted to CPU AI, soon every Pro player will develop their own passing style.
    Changing Player also seems to be a problem. I might suggest that if you are finding it difficult to master manual positioning, you should comprimise with Auto which will still give you control, but will help with your cursor flicking problems.
    I do concur that the readilly adopted parry is a problem on this one, however in terms of one on ones I feel simply running past the keeper is more realistic. Real football shows that rarely does a striker have to use anything but pace to beat the keeper.
    James, James, James crossing is fine. It just becomes evident that in the newest edition of god’s game you have to be alot more assertive, and if you’re leaving it till you get to the byline to cross theres only so many places the ball can go.
    Finally, Mr Dall (and followers), you can choose to either moan about aspects of the game you find difficult, or you can simply work on YOUR game so you avoid them. You can even resort to playing the looks good, plays bad FIFA 2007! Maybe a few hours on the ‘game with the names’ will help you appreciate just what you take for advantage in every Pro Evolution Soccer Release….

  19. Martin said

    Yeh i agree with everthing you have said, the first time i played it i was thinking exactly the same, and also thought what a load of rubbish, but after a while it has really grown on me, the main reason being, you can play the same stlye of football as arsenal.
    My biggest issue with the game is the shooting, i find it frustrating when you put together a great move and ends up with a shot going almost out of the ground (its usually hleb, so maybe it is quite realistic). I agree they had to make the shooting more difficult, because at times on PES 5 it was too easy to score, but when your only tapping the shoot button from 30 yards out and sumhow manages to come down with snow on it, is ridiculous. I also found it goes the other way, sometimes a similar tap from distance ends up with the ball barely reaching the byline.
    But all in all it is a good game and i would be lost without it sometimes.

  20. bhiza said

    I must have a different more advanced copy of PES6 because I have played its religiously to the point where on ML Fabregas has retired and i have brought him back as a 17 year old(but ill brouight start another ML from scratch) but honestly i can say i have not encountered 3 quarters of those problems, tough luck gentlemen, dont worry in light of this ill play it wit more passion from now on, on your behalf.

  21. Will said

    I argee with you 110% – the passing just frustrates me, the sliding tackles and the goalkeepers and its far slower than the previous PES games.

  22. I have added more… under the ‘further criticisms’ title.

  23. gunner said

    i think konami have rushed this PES6 out to early, it’s boring & frustrating,& PES5 leaves it for dead, except for the ref, the refs give me the shits, PES5 would be the best out of the series, let’s hope PES7 will be the 1..

  24. kristiano said

    y dont u all shut up………yh the keepers are crap but apart from that its a great footy game.oh yh im a nottm forest spporter ha!

  25. kristiano said

    i have the pes were all the prem sides have there kits and badge’s wrong and i have to suffer with it can some1 help me, like u lot have all the kits and stuff wright but how do u get the stuff correct plz help 🙂

  26. Ethermay said

    FIFA Blows. Seriously….. The game isnt realistic at all. PES is the king, i could play any PES game forever. Seriously, if i lost every other game i owned, i wouldnt care. As long as i have PES i will be a happy man. Searching for that perfect goal and when you get it……. My My My is it worth it!

  27. Denis S said

    Okay PES6 is that FIFA 2006? If it is, then it is true about the passing. I have a soloution though..

    If you play the game WAY to much you will have a tendancy to get lazy and pass to impossible areas on the field, this is what you do. STOP! TURN OFF the ps2 or Xbox!…now dont play for about 3 days and you’ll be fine again. Its just a matter of time..
    FIFA 2007

    I love the FIFA series of occer games, when they introduced 07 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and play the game.

    It was the biggest disspointment of my life!
    The movements were realistic the passing was horrible, and scoring was almost impossible. (this was on the Ps2) I went to my buddies house, he had an xbox360 and we played the same game. The diffrence was amazing from the ps2 version. Passig was super, the running effect with the ball was AMAZing, and scoring still hard but fun!

    The Moral of this story…Ps2 version of fifa 2007 sucks! Its like playing a broken version of Fifa 2006..

  28. dan said

    whats wrong with you people?

    Pes 6 may have several flaws, like players missing open nets, (which is frustrating when in a 2v2 and your a goal down with gloating mates sat next to you, dam them!)but do any of you people watch real football? as in the real world. only the other week cristiano ronaldo managed to miss an open net at brammall lane. even your hero henry misplaces passes now and then, give it a break! it just adds to the realism, if none of the passes went astray it would be rather frustrating for your opposition wouldnt it.

    The goalkeeping, some of it is very poor but have you watched robinson at spurs recently! :P. As for the sprint past the goalkeeper, if your playing against friends simply tapping triangle at the right time can stop a player ghosting round him. although for much of it i have to agree they get rounded too easily.

    Free kicks are an art. If anybody played fifa 2004 you may have wanted to kill yourself. In that game it was harder to miss than score, pes 6 freekicks are awesome. you can do just about anything, and as for scoring them, it wouldnt be fair if you could slam them in every time using the same technique, how many players do you see in the real world that can strike a ball exactly the same twice in a row? even if they hit it just as hard with the same amount of curl there has to be errors. If perfection was the case beckham would never miss freekicks. Am i right?

    Changing player irritates the hell out of me aswell! but i dont see your issue with crossing?

    anyway i hope i’ve managed to sway opinions away from the “devil in disk format” that is fifa 2007.

  29. kristiano said

    hi,again I HAVE BOTH FIFA 07 AND PES 6 AND EVER TIME I AM ABOUT TO GO ON THE PS2…..I HAVE A HARD CHOICE…….NOT. ALWAYS PES FAR MORE..REALSATIC* 🙂 (still,as any1 helped me how to do that stuff)

  30. Dennis said

    I have to agree, I much preferred PES 5 since the gameplay was much more predictable… mastering gameplay does not seem to be a premium in this version and one thing I have noticed is that one touch passes have way more pace than they should, allowing for ridiculously easy 1-touching through a defense.

    Also, 1v1 is ridiculous, I can almost always score a goal with Henry against 1 defender. The tactical dribbling attribute allows for way too much ball control that defending an attacker with this capability is almost impossible. And some strikers have incredible balance that they can keep pace for a complete run-up to the goal box for a controlled blast. If Adriano has half a step on any defender in a straight line to the goal, you can kiss your defense goodbye as you will not be able to nick the ball away from him. At least with PES 5, challenging a shooter from behind at least slowed his pace, bothered the shot, or resulted in a foul… in PES 6 you can stiff arm your way to a clean shot, not very realistic.

    I consistently win games with 4-6 goals against whatever the competition can muster (online play), and even against a very inexperienced player I see this being quite excessive. In PES 5, you could beat a novice by maybe a goal or two… in this version, I beat one individual 9-0, and he wasn’t playing a loose defense.

    PES 5 was perfect, and the only thing that might have warranted modification were the frequency of fouls and outpacing defenders when they’re beaten with a clean through pass or juke (even beat defenders always had a knack to recover and challenge a shot after being cleanly beaten). I play both versions (360 & PS2) and though the PS version has tighter controls and MUCH LESS LAG, it’s just too easy to score or be scored on.

    One last thing… when I have a 2 v 1, why can’t I beat that defender with a clean pass to an open shooter, and if I get that open shot why does it always seem to either shank or go straight to the keeper? I’d almost always rather prefer 1v1 than 2v1 for this very reason.

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  32. tim said

    still, PES 6 is way better than the newer one, PES 2008.

  33. Anonymous said

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

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