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The team is maturing like a fine wine, Reyes moans

Posted by James Dall on 15, January 2007

Afternoon, Monday once again. Its is the usual really that stories are thin on the ground but I shall do the best with what I have got.

Wenger talks about how recently the team appear to have grown up a lot –

I feel it is a measure of the progress we have made. In some games at the beginning of the season we were not as committed as we are at the moment but we have learned a lot and are progressing. We have improved, we have found the right balance between what is needed in the Premiership without losing our football. That is very important to us. Blackburn didn’t play Tugay from the start, they went with a more direct style. The problem for us was to win the challenges in the air but not forget to get the ball down and play our game. For that you have to be calm and not panic under pressure, and we did that very well.It was one of the most satisfying performances because the spirit was strong. Our defence is maturing, we never panicked and never made silly challenges to give a stupid free kick away. We didn’t show signs of being under pressure and we won the challenges very well. We had a great combination I feel between strength, commitment and real class. For me that shows the team is growing and you feel there is a strength coming from game to game. There is great solidarity in this side.

I agree with what he says. I think if we cast our minds back, the goals we conceded early on the season were down to careless inexperienced errors. For example, giving away a free kick of poor concentration on a corner. Fingers crossed these stupid errors have been rid of. He is right, on the weekend we played with a slightly different style. Sure there was the class of Arsenal but we were a lot more rugged. We got the ball down in the right areas. We were excellent. In my opinion that victory is up there with the most satisfying victories this season.

Three other stories to take note of. Firstly the moan from Reyes about the Champions League Final.

I still don’t understand Wenger’s motives for the final

I think the decision to play Pires was one most agreed with. He had better ball retention and could carve out a chance. Plus Reyes was beginning to annoy people with his constant rolling about. Sorry Reyes but if you are not picked, the right attitude is to get your head down and aim to improve on the things that meant you were not picked.

Adebayor talks about his International career –

If things do not change for the better over the next six months to a year, I think I may end my international career. I have to think of myself first, even though playing for the national team is very important to me. While I am prepared to give everything to my country, if they cannot organise things well, I will have to make a decision that is best for my life.

To be honest I would not be too bothered if he did not play for them again. the African nations cup often depletes our squad. So to have him around would be a bonus. Plus the amount of times we have players play in friendlies, and then pick up injuries is just frustrating. His decision in the end of course.

Promising left back Gareth Bale is apprently staying at Southampton this January. Hardly a surprise as Wenger has said a million times that he will not buy anyone in the transfer window. The Southampton manager said –

Gareth will certainly be here until the end of the season and hopefully a lot longer.

Even though we have Traore coming through, I guess there is a small possibility that Wenger might come in for him in the summer. Who knows. That discussion is for another time.

A final thing on the agenda is to do with a point Arseblog made today. The ridiculous people who decide to make up absurd titles in an attempt to gain hits. So annoying. ‘Henry dies’ ‘Fabregas in threesome’ ‘Lehman wedgies Toure’ – sad efforts to gain hits to their sites. They should just rely on content. Nothing more frustrating than seeing a headline on newsnow, clicking it, and then realising the the article just discusses our Blackburn display.

Anyway. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Monday is nearly over.


26 Responses to “The team is maturing like a fine wine, Reyes moans”

  1. Wazza said

    One of your best victories this season? or one of your ONLY victories this season? You also believe that the African Cup depletes your squad…could that be because the majority of your squad is made up of African players with only Walcott to represent Enland??? Dumb Arse-nal

  2. mjc said

    Yep Wazza – we’ve lost every game this season. And our squad is full of too many darkies.
    You really a fool.

  3. Hus said

    Wazza…. Can only imagine what that stands for.

    4/5 Players makes a majority does it? Xenophobic twit…. oh and i have a dictionary if you need one.

  4. With comments like Wazza’s it is hard to decide whether to delete it or wait and see the plethora of abuse he will get. I think I will keep it there. He clearly is a fool…

  5. MickeyBoy said

    Wazza – Fool!!!!!!

  6. Red & Whit said

    Wazza, are you living in this world??

    Do you know that Arsenal are still in the top 4 of the league, Still in the FA Cup, Still in Carling Cup Plus Still in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Get it CHAMPIONS LEAGUE !


  7. mjc said

    Oh look, Fabrice Muamba (place of birth: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) has been called up to the ENGLAND U-19 squad. What do you make of that Wazza?

  8. Goner said

    Wazza is, I assume, a Spurs fan. 10 points difference, to me, seems to indicate that we have several more victories than Spurs, one (so far) gained convincingly against them. What a doughnut!

    Must be the first xenophobe that can’t even spell the name of his own country also. Why did he bother?!

  9. I assume he bothered to gain a reaction, which he achieved. However that still does not take away from his moronic comments.

  10. nik said

    Wazza what a tard u are mate, I’m under the impression you’re a $hite hart lane fan or a l.pool fan who is still hung over by the mauling that Arsenal gave you at home. Worst defeat in 77 years was it? What was more amusing that Benitez was in awe of Arsenals spending………. wtf! they spent more than chav$ki did last season I do believe. Saying how Baptista is a 22 million player errrrr I think he’s missing something….. we swapped him for a far less player who clearly shouldn’t of been signed for Arsenal so good riddance I say. Its clearly obvious that he was looking to pass the buck onto someone else for his poor managerial desicions on both occasions for his teams dire performance(s). As Wenger says “I don’t look at the passport just the ability to play football” (or words to that affect). Anyway back to saturdays game – a well fought victory I say, Wenger the tactition at his best. The way Henry and RvP swapped in helping the midfield out throughout the game was teamwork at its best. A bit harsh sending Gilberto off but he kicked out and Savage fell over like the big tart his is. Then realised what was about to happen (red card for us) I think he felt embarassed or guilty of over reacting to the gust of wind that knocked him over from Gilberto’s leg. Henry is getting back to his usual best and I think he needed the break becuase he was running on fumes or well below empty, you could see it in his performances. Lets hope all players coming back from injury can help bolster our charge for some silverware this season i.e Champions league would be nice heh heh

  11. redfreddie said

    Wazza, wtf are you on about ?!?! ‘one of your ONLY victories this season?’ did i miss something this season ? have we only won once, this is probably the most stupid comment ever posted, I think you’ll find we’ve won 12 premiership games, won FA cup games and Carling cup games up until now and also won 3 CL games. Do you support the spuds by any chance lol or are you just stupid? I think there is just the one dumbass mate, look in the mirror and you’ll see him ;o)

  12. Raj said

    Is there any point in replying to Wa**a? I mean the guy clearly has no clue and let’s face it there are 3 teams above us in league, 1 of them is Liverpool (out of both cups in the space of a week) or Manure (as a manure fan you must be from Brighton or the Isle Wight and you have no right to comment) and the other being Chavski( nuff said? just put on your burberry hat and hackett T-shirt and stand outside the local Tesco Express why don’t you).

  13. Wazza said

    Alright I admit it. I am a Spurs fan and therefore a clueless cunt. I have been envious all these years of the glory of the Arsenal. Your team is much better than Spurs. I could only just spare enough time to write the message in between bursts of constant masterbation, because I am a sad twat who lives on his own. My IQ is very low and my life is meaningless.

    Please forgive me. I am planning my own suicide this very evening – and I’ll probably fuck that up as well I am such a clueless fuckhead.

  14. ashley said


    I am from Africa , what soccer league are you watching.
    By refering to Arsenal as having to many guys from Africa is cutting it closely

    Drogba is the leading scorer in league, he`s african.
    Sameu. Eto was top goal scorer in la liga , he`s african
    Essien , Toure , adebayor , Muamba etc. all africans

    Get a fucking life , you loser.

  15. Raj said

    There’s no getting away from the fact that Africa is producing some of the best young talents in world football. Eto, Essien, Drogba, Toure, Eboue are just a few examples. Why do Arsenal have so many African players? because they provide better value for money than overpriced English players. Simple as that. Arsene paid more than twice Adebayor’s price for Francis Jeffers (who? I hear you say). Kolo Toure cost so little I could have bought him for Arsenal myself. At the end of the day it doesn’t bother me one bit where a player comes from as long as they perform to the best of their ability in an Arsenal shirt and I can tell you that Adebayor and Toure seem to do just that. I’m sure Arsene will play English players if the have the right attitude and they are not over-priced. Look at Justin Hoyte.

  16. Jezz said

    Wazza. Any chance of bringing forward your plans for the evening…

  17. torchwolf said

    Maturing like a fine wine, only a lot faster! 🙂

    Agree with your (and M Wenger’s) comments on Blackburn.

    Who knew an outnumbered three-man midfield of Cesc-Hleb-Rosicky could control the midfield like that?

    Signs of getting back to the Invincibles days when we played with as much commitment and graft as class.

    As for Adebayor… it’s always frustrating when internationals take our players away, whether it’s Henry in a France friendly, or Gilbeto being too jet-lagged to play on a Saturday after a Brazil international.

    Last time the African Nations was esp a problem cos our squad was a bit thin at the back. But next time, we should be able to go Hoyte-Gallas-Senderos-Clichy… no problem.

  18. Wazza said

    I don’t know. I have my evening all mapped out:
    17.00pm wanking over picture of David Pleat
    17.01pm play on my computer “Warcraft – yay!”
    20.10pm wanking over picture of Vinny Samways
    20.11pm consuming my own semen
    20.12pm ritual suicide
    20.13pm Average IQ of the planet rises by some 30 points.

  19. Dolomite said

    Although wazza is a xenophobic tool, it is also wrong for ArsenalNews to assume that Adebayors country along with other African nations dont need their star players for what is a major tournament. Imagine the uproar if Gerrard or Rooney were to threaten to quit England there would be a huge uproar.

    To belittle their status is wrong.

  20. Wazza said

    I have hold of my xenophobic tool right now….Ooh Martin Jol…mmmm

  21. shedzy said

    i think we are being unfair on Wazza, he is clearly lacking in the brain department.

    I think we should jus ignore him instead and get back to talking about how brilliant they are.

  22. Michael said

    Listen guys i wazza is a twat bagga but do we really have to kkep mentioning tottingham on arsenal blogs and website’s think about it.


    O and there manager yoll or whatever his name is i think he is insane really. ? O_o

  23. California Stave said

    Hey, Gooners, why spend the time answering somebody like Wazza who is NOT a fool but simply a guy at a keyboard enjoying himself by winding up everybody?

    Face it, NOBODY could be as stupid as his first post, so he’s just taking the piss. Laugh it off. (Hey, he wouldn’t be bothered firing shots at Villa or Charlton, I’d wager!)

    One of the things about Arsenal is that the club always has had class, and this may sound old-fashioned, whatever…but I think supporters have a bit of an obligation to carry on that class.

    Let the Mancs, Chelski and now Liverpool be sold to foreign zillionaires while Spurs just whinge on as always.

    We’ve got the next great Arsenal side coming of age, it’s just plain thrilling to watch the work in progress.

    Why waste time on the likes of Wazza or anybody else just having fun or is genuinely envious?

    I’d rather watch another couple replays of Cesc nutmegging Savage (Goodplaya posted that one yesterday) or TH’s goal at Blackburn.

    Hell, I’d rather listen to another chorus of Daltry singing “Highbury Highs.”

    Great TEAMS aren’t bothered by what others are doing. So great FANS should follow that example.

    Let’s be above the nonsense, shall we?

    (Although one VERY good point made here was how wrong it is to marginalize any African nation — or ANY nation — just because it isn’t your own.)

    Up the Arse!

  24. The comments about how people including myself should not belittle the African teams are nonsense. I am not down playing Togo or anyone for that matter. I do not care if the player is English, and then decides to retire from the England team. Friendlies and most internationals bother me. They usually ruin our players through fatigue or injury. The point I was making is that if any player decides to retire from International football it can only benefit Arsenal, which in my opinion is a good thing.

  25. amiripz said

    Actually, I am very happy that Reyes left.
    I wasn`t aware that he had a spoiled charachter.
    Let`s hope he never returns.

  26. SA_Gooner said

    Reyes really let me down, he is ungratefull really, playing for Arsenal did alot for his Career.

    Wazza, you are crazy man, no you are a doos.

    As for Club vs Country, i would have to say that even though the AFCON comes at a kak (SA term for shit) time, it still is important for the developement of African Football. Not that much of you Euro’s care but we need to bleed alot of up and coming palyers at that tournament, this is where you find your Benni’s, Oba’s Manu’s and Essien’s. Remember you are all coming to South Africa in 2010, let see how you cope in Jozi, Cape Town or even Durbans weather hehe.

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