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Back to some news on Arsenal, if I can find any

Posted by James Dall on 16, January 2007

Very little to report on this morning.

Wenger is confident we have the resources to replace Gilberto. I guess the most likely replacement is Flamini. He would not provide us with the experience and positional sense Gilberto has but we could do a lot worse. He has fantastic energy and commitment – qualities we need against Man United. Wenger said –

Gilberto will be missing but we feel that with the spirit and quality we have we can cope with that. We have had three different teams in our last three games but produced the same quality. We are very proud of that at the Club.

I guess there is a possibility that we might play the 4-5-1 that got us the victory at Old Trafford. That would in turn mean leaving out van Persie or Adebayor. I am to discuss the two systems probably on Friday, with possible starting line-ups. Speaking of Adebayor, it appears that he is the player Rio most fears. This came as quite a surprise to me. Usually in the run up to the clash between Arsenal and United there are many jibes going on, however –

I would say he is the toughest to be honest. I think Adebayor is the player who has given us the most problems this season, with his movement and skill. Arsenal controlled the game against us and he was exceptional.

Very interesting indeed. Adebayor was frightening that game, and so were we really.

The only other kind of story is here. Hleb talks about he thinks Shevchenko made an error in joining the Premiership so late in his career. I agree with him in that if a player does join the prem at a younger age, it is easier to adapt. The thing is though, Shevchenko clearly still has class so for the moment I am not going to lay into him. Chances are that I might say something, then he would bag a hat trick at the Emirate’s.

That is it for today, a bit lame I know. Hopefully towards the end of the week we will get some clear team news and then I can start to pick apart who should and should not play and in what system. Have a good day.


4 Responses to “Back to some news on Arsenal, if I can find any”

  1. richie said

    i hope we dont flood the midfield with 5 players cos it will get very congested,we should attack them at home 4 4 2

  2. gazzap said

    ade and henry up top in a 442 is the way forward. Flamini will play and this might sound daft but at least he has a goal threat. people dont associate him as a goal scorer but he is snaffling his fair share of chances from close range this season. he is also a hard worker and will need to be to close down their midfield.
    I hope eboue makes it ahead of hoyte.

  3. Mick said

    No news? What about the bun fight with spuds over ticket allocation and prices for the game at Emirates?

  4. MickeyBoy said

    I’m thinking we’ll play 4-5-1 on Sunday

    Looking something like this.
    Don’t get me wrong, i feel we should be attacking teams at home.

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