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A proper blog today

Posted by James Dall on 19, January 2007

After a couple of thin on the ground blogs, today’s is a bit lengthier – by that I man better.

Most talk today has been about Lauren’s departure. I discussed this yesterday of course and once again I would like to wish him all the best. Moving on to more pressing matters in 48 hours we shall be kicking off against Manchester United.

The game is a huge one. The game could be a fantastic spectacle. Man U not only have to win to keep their hold on top spot but they also will have a stronger desire to win after we played them off the park at Old Trafford. We were impeccable in that game. One thing in that game that many seem to forget was the incredible save by Jens towards the end. He was at full reach and tipped it round the post. What a man. Anyway, quick round up of the stories and them some analysis of who what how we might play.

Leading up to the match it appears that contrary to the usual mind games, comments in the press have been fairly complimentary. There was Rio’s praise the other day for Adebayor and now Fabregas has joined in with his comments on Scholes –

Paul Scholes has had a fantastic season. He is a very complete, spectacular footballer. He always fights for the ball and tries to lose his marker to help his team-mates – either to defend or to have a shot on goal. For any football player in the Premiership, Scholes is a player you want to emulate. I would happily end my career with the medals that Scholes has. He has six league titles, four FA Cups, one European Cup and one Inter-Continental Cup to his name. I am young and I hope that I will be able to surpass him – but it is not going to be easy.

I have to agree with Fabregas in that Scholes has been a major player for United this season. Let’s hope Flamini keeps him quiet or even better he attempts a rash tackle and gets sent off.

Following on this trend Fergie talks about us here. Very nice of you Alex.

Ok so our options for Sunday.

The first decision is 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. The 4-5-1 system resulted in victory at Old Trafford, however recently the 4-4-2 system has been working well. This time we are home and this time we have many strikers available. Hmmm it certainly is a tough one. I would like to see us play 4-4-2. I would be even happier with this formation if Gilberto was involved but obviously he is not.

Right, Goalkeeper is pretty self explanatory – Jens, from him we need a more calming display on corners, it puts me and I think the team on edge.

Right back- Eboue I would imagine, it appears he will be available and although Hoyte has been improving, personally I am more confident with Eboue facing the in form Ronaldo. As long as Eboue does no silly passes and stays in position AND decides not to dive or play act, I will be happy.

In the centre of defence obviously Toure and then his partner will be interesting. Senderos has been returning to his form of last season recently, although I think Djourou might get the nod. I think this type of game is more suited to Djourou. Personally he would be my man.

Clichy without doubt in at left back then.

So if we are to follow my preference of four in midfield, I think it pretty much picks itself. Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky. A good solid midfield. I expect the usual non stop work-rate performance from Flamini, using Fabregas as an outlet where possible. Hleb and Rosicky are two excellent wide players, both of which I am extremely confident with.

That leaves us with the decision of who to partner Thierry. It looks as if van Persie will be available, however I would go for Adebayor. van Persie can come on if we need that little something out of nothing but Adebayor is a player who is different. A player defenders worry about. So then…

Henry, Adebayor

Rosicky, Flamini, Fabregas, Hleb

Clichy, Djourou, Toure, Eboue


Pretty solid in my opinion. With players like Baptista, Walcott and van Persie on the bench, we look very strong indeed. If Liverpool slip up against Chelsea on Saturday, then we have even more incentive to pick up three points. A draw would not be a terrible result however three points really would indicate we are well an truly on track. A victory would put us 12 points behind United too. Clearly that is still a huge gap but it may reignite any faint glimmer of hope of a title push.

That is all for today. The blog tomorrow will be an evening one as I am coaching during the day. Until then fellow gunners.


It appears that Djourou is not available for the game and van Persie an 80% chance of being fit. Therefore unless the managers is willing to shock everyone and play Baptista, I think it is almost a dead cert Adebayor will play. As for Djourou, clearly Senderos will start the game instead.


4 Responses to “A proper blog today”

  1. Denis S said

    I can’t wait for this match, it going to be a good one. I honestly belive Manchester will somehow come through with a win.

    These are my predictions:
    24th Minute: Christiano ronaldo -MAN U
    52nd Minute: Christiano Ronaldo -MAN U
    60th Minute: Henry (PENALTY) -Arsenal
    87th Minute: Christiano Ronaldo -Man U

    Basicly Man U vs Arsenal 3-1 🙂

    Anyways, Goodluck…

  2. Oscar said

    Still dreaming ehh?

  3. sellmaster said


  4. ic@rol said

    😆 Cristiano Ronaldo is whithout the “h”! 😆 Excellent player, the GOD of portuguese national team 🙂

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