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The return of Diaby

Posted by James Dall on 23, January 2007

Evening, finally my laptop is sorted, therefore the blogs should regain their consistency.

Speaking of which (awfully done I know), Thierry talks about how we need to start winning on a regular basis. This season has been a topsy turvy one. Cast your minds back to the big wins we picked up, then a game or two later we fell flat on our faces. It is about time we put start to put together a formidable run. Excluding the Sheffield game things have been looking  up. We have won 7 of our last 8, I think we are all hoping this is a sign of things to come.

Henry discuss here about how the goals we are scoring are distributed around the team –

It is amazing. Adebayor has six goals, Robin has 11, I have nine and Gilberto has seven.

He makes a good point. We are not relying on one source. Look at Chelsea, if Drogba got injured they really would have problems. When Thierry was out for a long time the team stood up and were counted. Now our top scorer van Persie is out, it is up to the rest of team to fill his absence.

Moving onto Robin’s injury, Arsene said the following –

We have lost Robin van Persie for a while. How long I don’t really know. It will be six weeks at least, if not more. It is a big blow because Robin has been on fire. He has had a great season until now. What is really terrible for me is that I did not want to use him at all. But we were 1-0 behind and I decided to put him on. However he got injured and you can never predict that.

I am not sure about the comment about not wanting to use him at all, clearly he would not have been on the bench if Arsene was not even considering using him. He made the difference though and it is hard to weigh up what to choose – three points against United but with Robin out for a long time or one or zero points with Robin available for the rest of the season…? Now we are all aware his loss is a big one, I was convinced before the season started that given a run in the team he could be a twenty goal a season striker for us. It is obviously gutting, especially for him but we need to concentrate on playing without him now. It seems clear that the starting two are to be Henry and Adebayor from now on. I, like many others I am sure, would love to see Henry up top with the Bap soon, just to see how it pans out. Aliardiere, who appears to be fourth in line, has a lot of speculation surrounidng his future currently. I would imagine that Arsene, given the injury to Robin, would like to keep Aliardiere until the end of the season.

The Reserves lost against Spurs 3-0 the other night. I am not going to read too much into that as it seems obvious that the majority of players that would have featured in that game are being saved for tomorrow’s game.

So tomorrow evening is the first leg against Spurs in the Carling Cup. There will be a proper preview tomorrow, however it appears that Diaby will start. I am looking forward to seeing him back properly. Against Liverpool he had little time and was understandably a bit rusty. I would love him to dominate the midfield tomorrow. I would love him to make a mockery of the overrated Huddlestone. Diaby is a player I rate highly and I am convinced if it had not been for his awful injury last season he would have really established himself in the team. He deserves a fantastic comeback…

Until tomorrow’s blog then, how was your Tuesday?


7 Responses to “The return of Diaby”

  1. grime said

    how was my tuesday? well how was your tuesday? you’ve told me all about the arsenal, and nothing of your day? fat breakfast, windy problems travelling, cold day?

    diaby to start tomorrow yeh, where did you get that from? hope you’re right , cos he is gonna be pure class, trust me i know this 4 certain.

  2. Arsene mentioned that Diaby would feature this week.

    My Tuesday was average, the gas in our student home packed in yesterday at midday so it was not until 3 this afternoon that we have had hot water and central heating again!

  3. MickeyBoy said

    any team news for tongiht???

  4. amiripz said

    I am so glad about Diaby returning from the injury that kept him so long off the pitch. If he regains his form fast, he will become very useful consiering this season is only half way to the end.

  5. any team news for tongiht!!!!!!!!

  6. Just in the process of pulling together the news, which includes the squad for this evening…

  7. Denis S said

    Croatian media sais that Davor Suker, former player of Arsenal will try to become Arsenals coach, not NOW but later…

    Im croatian and I loved him as a player, but him becomeing an arsenal coach would be very strange, since I never seen him do anything tactical outside a soccer pitch.

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