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Out for Bolton – Gallas, Hleb, van Persie, Gilberto, Eboue, Djourou and Ljungberg

Posted by James Dall on 27, January 2007

Afternoon, apologies for no blog yesterday, I was on my way to Birmingham for a friend’s 21st. Now I feel very rough but there is plenty to discuss so I better get going with it…

Ferguson is more than peeved about the comments made by Flamini, he mentioned that at half time the boss talked about how United would tire. Arsene though has cleared the air and in my opinion responded very admirably –

I did not say they crumble in the last 20 minutes. At half-time, it was still 0-0. I said: ‘continue to play until the last minute because remember at Old Trafford, we scored in the last five minutes’. I just said: ‘Let’s go until the last five. Remember we scored at the end at Old Trafford, why should we not repeat that?’ That’s all.

Fair enough in my opinon. Whatever was actually said remains to be seen, there might be a sly jab going on there though with the fact that some of their players are aging.

A few interesting things have emerged over the last couple of days. It appears that Song’s future at the club might be over. A strange one really, after having him on loan last season and then taking him on permanent deal it seems that Arsene has realised he is way down the pecking order –

The only one to go out could be Song because I want him to play somewhere. Diaby is back and Denilson has shown that he is ready to play so, in central midfield, we are a bit congested with Flamini, Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas and Gilberto.

Precisely, I am aware Song played well against Liverpool however Denilson really looked a promising player midweek. Showing he is leaps ahead of Song. Diaby we all know about too so to be honest Song’s chances of a game are very slim.

Just a little note on the whole Gareth Bale saga, Wenger had the following to say –

I think Bale is a potentially great player but I am not in the race because I have two left backs. But the club who gets him will have a good deal – an expensive one but a good player. I have looked at Bale a lot. We have been looking at him because if he comes up for a normal price it’s OK but we have already spent a lot for Theo Walcott. [If we bought Bale too] we would be the biggest sponsors of Southampton.

A hell of statement ‘a potentially great player’, I have seen him play a couple of times and he looked pretty promising but to be fair Wenger is right. It looks like wherever he ends up they will be paying 10 million for him. There seems to be a bit of a trend with purchasing young English players with potential for silly fees at the moment. Theo, however his deal is more structured, then there is Ashley Young and now Bale.

Bolton tomorrow. A game I want us to win so so badly. I am fed up with losing against that team. Psychologically if we beat them it will be massive. I feel more confident this time round though, the team is playing well and I think they have come a long way recently. Of course we have players out (see the title). There might be a possibility that Fabregas might be rested also –

I do not know whether Cesc will play or not yet. He will be on the bench or in the team.But I am tempted to count one game out for him, either on Sunday or Wednesday.


Personally I would leave him out for Wednesday, as I think I am right in saying that Gilberto will be back for the Spurs game. Taking that in mind my team for tomorrow would be –

Henry, Adebayor

Rosicky, Fabregas, Flamini, Walcott

Clichy, Senderos, Toure, Hoyte


I am a bit concerned with the strength of that midfield physically. Diaby is an option, however I do not think he is ready yet. Another thought is that surely Baptista is pushing for a place, whether centre of midfield or up front. Certainly something for those to consider who fancy leaving there own starting line-ups in the comments section.

A blog tomorrow morning then, have a great Saturday evening. I am off to lie down.



6 Responses to “Out for Bolton – Gallas, Hleb, van Persie, Gilberto, Eboue, Djourou and Ljungberg”

  1. drgunner said

    I believe Jens will be rested (I think i read a AW quote that mentioned it). I think Aluminium is a bit of a liability, though. Other than that the lineup looks right. What other options are there? Beast, I guess, but surely he’ll be a sub and mainly saved for wednesday. Denilson looks like a Cesc clone, and should be on the bench. Poom and Diaby on the bench as well. Is there a defender around that can be on the bench? Traore?

  2. Valentin said

    I believe that the team will be
    Hoyte Toure Senderos Clichy
    Flamini Diaby Fabregas Rosicky
    Henry Adebayor

    Diaby brings a little element of physicality that we would miss otherwise. He can also head the ball in defense or in attack.
    IMHO, Baptista is not ready to play in the middle of the park, especially againt Bolton.
    On the bench: Denilson, Aliadiere, Baptista, Poom, Connolly.

    Wenger had already commented that Denilson is more a mix of Gilberto and Fabregas.

    On Wednesday, Gilberto Silva will come back and lead the team against Tottenham.

    I am worried that we start to look thin in the defense.
    In central defense, only Toure and Senderos are available: Gallas, Djourou are both injured. I do not think that Connolly is ye ready to play in the Premiership.

    With Lauren gone, and Eboue injured, AFC has only 1 recognised right back (Flamini could do a job there).
    At left back, we only have Clichy (even if once again Flamini could do a job there), Traore is not yet ready to play week-in week- out in the premiership (that ‘s what Arsene Wenger told Glenn Roeder as the reason to refusing to lend Armand Traore to Newcastle).

  3. \rawknee\ said







    Since we have lots of players out injured, i would try the 4-1-3-1-1, the first 45 mins.Depending on how the game is going then Adebayo and walcott can come in, in a 4-4-2.

    what do you guys think.?

  4. Valentin said

    Wenger has already announced that Lehman will be rested for the FA Cup (The same way he was rested for the FA Cup victory against Liverpool).
    Wenger has also stated that we need to be more physical. I sincereley doubt that introducing Aliadiere in midfield is adding more steel.

  5. 1 1 so far…

  6. My one-maqn team is by far the best…

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