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I hope we destroy Bolton + possible line-up

Posted by James Dall on 28, January 2007

Morning, although many moan about them, I enjoy Sundays. So some Arsenal News, that is what you are here for of course. A few of you were right to correct me on yesterday’s blog. I put Lehman in my starting line-up, however as we all know Almunia has been favoured for the FA Cup and Carling Cup. I will blame my mistake on my hangover, today I am as fresh as a daisy though. Taking this into account the starting line-up should be as follows –

Henry, Adebayor

Rosicky, Fabregas, Flamini, Walcott

Clichy, Senderos, Toure, Hoyte


What is pleasing for me is that even though we have a huge injury list that team is still pretty sound. I do have a good feeling about today’s game but that is as confident as I am going to be, I do not want to curse us. Yesterday I touched upon my concerns about the strength of our midfield, however on reflection I think we will be fine. Rosicky may not be that strong but he is tenacious, Fabregas well what else can be said? Flamini will give us a solid work rate and will certainly put his foot in and Walcott, for me if he skins someone early on, will have a boost of confidence and plus the crowd love him.

At the back Senderos will relish the battle, I just hope is distribution is better. I see him look up and play long balls quite regularly and as much as I think he is a top player, technically he is not great. He just needs to knock it short and get back into position. Both our full backs are improving match by match, which is of course exciting to watch. Up top I guess the only real debate would have been whether to start Baptista. He will surely start on Wednesday, I can see him coming on from the bench at some point though.

Kevin Davies has found it neccessary to talk to the press about how the team are moaners.

All the articles are pinned up on the wall before the game. You can sense their players do not enjoy playing against us. We use that as an advantage

To be honest Kevin, I imagine that if Arsenal do the same thing your little whinge will be up on our dressing room wall. We are due to hammer this team. I honestly believe if we do it will be a massive psychological boost for the team. Like turning another corner. That is it for today, come on the Arsenal. We are all behind you.


3 Responses to “I hope we destroy Bolton + possible line-up”

  1. Gazz Ellidge said

    yeh come on arsenal!!!!!!!!

  2. richie said

    like mr mike diamond said we could do with some height in the middle,but im confindent the boys put out today are capable of doing a good job

  3. Flint McCullough said

    Got a feeling Cesc will be rested for Spurs & to save him a kicking, with perhaps Denilson coming in as Gilberto will be available on Wednesday. Probably Beast for Walcott with Theo used later on.

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