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My thoughts on how we will line-up tonight

Posted by James Dall on 31, January 2007

A big game tonight then, one I am pretty excited about if I am honest. Before I give my thoughts on the possible starting line-up there are a few stories that need reporting on.

Song has headed off to Charlton on loan. I think that is a good move for him to be honest. The chance of him getting many games now that Denilson has shown he is leaps ahead of him is minute. It will be interesting to see how much he plays at Charlton and if he does play how well he plays. I will cast an interesting eye at his performances for the rest of the season. I think most of us will agree that the chance of him returning are slim but who knows? Maybe he will put his Liverpool display into consistency. Amazingly Pardew has come out and thanked Arsene for his assistance during the deal –

I would like to make a special point of thanking both Arsenal Wenger and David Dein for their help and assistance

He could make his debut against Chelsea. That certainly would be a huge test for him, although I would not complaining if he made a crunching tackle on Frank, or even better Drogba, the player Chelsea simply cannot do without. Moving on…

Arsene talks about how there are not many clubs in the world in which you cna play Champions League football as a teenager. His comments really are worth a read. I agree with him 100%. Arsenal is a fantastic club, I specifically like his remarks about if they get the players in young then they can educate them more to love the game. And sure some do not make it but that is football, you cannot tell me that those players would have got much of a better education at many other clubs.

Something I saw on Sky Sports News yesterday intrigued me. If you cast your minds back, I remember Arsene praising Hearts goalkeeper Craig Gordon. From what I have see of the lad he is a top GK and still only 24. Currently there is a fair amount of speculation surrounding his future at the club. Apparently we are one of three clubs tracking him, along with Rangers and Bayern Munich. I would be sincerely happy if we secure his services. If we were to tie him down now and have him arrive at the end of the season that would be a good solid signing for us. All said and done I am sure if Wenger rates him so highly we will be in for him right now but if Arsene has decided he is unlikely to cut the mustard then we will see Gordon head off to Rangers or Germany. I guess in the next 24 hours we shall see.

Finally the team for tonight, Arsene haf the following to say –

It will be a young side and an experienced bench. So it will be pretty similar to what happened at White Hart Lane. Julio Baptista will be absent for this game. It is a big regret for me because he has led the team recently with a huge spirit. His mental strength was obvious in the game at Tottenham because he scored an own goal then he put two in the net at the other end. That is always the best answer you can give. I think he will miss the Tottenham game and the Middlesbrough game. But I hope he will be back after that. Gilberto is available again and will play.

So Baptista is out for two games, it is a relief he is not out for more but at least it is not too bad. Gilberto will definitely start so for me Fabregas will either be rested completely or on the bench. I am unsure if Djourou will be available, I read this on the Arsenal site –

Johan Djourou (hamstring) could be back in time for Wednesday’s Carling Cup Semi-Final second leg with Tottenham, revealed Arsène Wenger on Friday.

Hard to say if he will start. I am unaware of Freddie’s current status too. Either way I am sure Freddie will nto start?

So my line-up would be as follows –

Aliardiere, Adebayor

Denilson, Gilberto, Diaby, Walcott

Traore, Senderos, Toure, Hoyte


There are many variations that could come into play. If Eboue is fit might he start right wing with Walcott up front. Or might Diaby start wide left again, or even Flamini might start centrally. Also if Djourou is fit will he start in defence?

The starting line-up will be interesting, as will how we line up positionally. Tonight is a big game really, if we can make the final it will be a huge achievement. I am aware this is considered one of the lesser cups but for me we need a trophy. And to pick one up would be a huge achievement and show signs of real progression in the team. Fingers crossed. Hopefully tomorrow I will be building up an Arsenal Chelsea final…


8 Responses to “My thoughts on how we will line-up tonight”

  1. klon said

    I say we ought to give 4 -3 – 3 a try with Walcott up front.

  2. Frederick Baptist said

    Interesting choice of line-up although as we only need a draw to progress and Spurs will be playing their strongest possible line-up, I don’t see how this lot can beat them or even hang on for a draw. I’d suggest a 4-5-1 instead with Flamini on the right and Walcott on the left and Adebayor as the lone striker. i.e.

    Hoyte Toure Senderos Traore
    Flamini Denilson Gilberto Diaby Walcott

    We can’t afford a repeat of Bolton and the “experienced” spine of this team will have to stand up and be counted, take responsibility and lead the rest by example. I’m talking about Adebayor, Gilberto and Toure. Spurs have to come out and attack and this team will have to be alert for any counter-attacking opportunities and Walcott with Adebayor as a foil is fully able to exploit this Spurs team. Stay mentally strong guys and good luck!

  3. Faisal said

    A strong side that should be able to produce results.
    A 4 4 2 best suits the selection especially with experienced names in all Toure,Gilberto,Ade
    comeon,go shoot them.

  4. kayan said

    having looked at the squad list and listened to what arsene has said about young 11 backed up by experienced bench, id say the starters would be:
    hoyte toure senderos traore
    walcott diaby gilberto denilson
    aliadierre adebayor

    bench: poom, clichy, flamini, fabregas, rosicky

    the boss has spoken of giving cesc a break hence position on bench.

  5. So you agree with me then Kayan? I think we have made thr right decision, let’s hope Wenger is reading

  6. richie said

    i was thinking about the squad last nite,and to honest you came up with exactly the same as me,the back four picks itself with theo on the right wing,denilson played left side last time,but he might be in the fabs playmaker role,so we could go 5 midfield with ali on the left cuttin in to support adebayor,and gilberto shielding the back and diaby doing the donkey work
    hoyte toure senderos traore
    denilson diaby
    walcott aliadiere

  7. phil said

    goodluck to the gooners tonight lets hope we get to cardiff! can anyone tell me for sure if it is 0-0 or 1-1 after 90 minutes do we go through there and then ya?

  8. Phil, check out my latest blog. Especially for you! (and me if I am honest, I was not entirely sure what the situation was either)

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