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The official rule on away goals in the League Cup

Posted by James Dall on 31, January 2007

I thought this might shed some light on the situation…

13.5 In the Semi-Final ties, if the aggregate score is level at the end of the second game an extra half-hour shall be played. If the aggregate scores are still level at the end of extra time the tie shall be decided by goals scored away from home counting twice. If the teams remain equal after this procedure the tie shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of Association Football

I hope this helps. Come on the Gunners!!!


9 Responses to “The official rule on away goals in the League Cup”

  1. Vikas said

    thanks a lot

  2. melvyn said

    Thanks for info but isn’t that a bit unfair on the team playing at home in the second leg ? Would feel a lot more confident tonight if Djourou was replacing Phil oops I missed the ball again Senderos.

    2-1 To the Arse.

  3. I guess it evens itself out in a way Melvyn. The away goal is an odd one. We have our two away goals so I guess we should be grateful for that. Djourou is not in the squad I am afraid. If we was fit, I would prefer him in but I am not going to get on Senderos’ case. He is a top defender, maybe not a top footballer but a quality defender. 2-1 would do nicely Melvyn

  4. Neal said

    That’s what cost us against Wigan. They got the “away goal” that put them through during extra time. It takes the mick really. Hopefully lightning won’t strike twice!

  5. Eddie said

    it’s a catch 22 in a way. We can see it as a way of having more time with our fans behind us to win the game at home but it gives the away side more time to score away goals. If it ends 1-1 after 90 mins (a score that should really see us through) we have to play extra time, during which time we could each score twice, making it 3-3, meaning spuds would go through.

    Sadly, I’m a pessimist in these instances and I think Lennon will murder young Traore and I think they will pinch it by the odd goal. We do not have enough menace and creativity or pace in midfield and I think that will cost us. Jol will use his one trick pony as his main threat, as he is a one-trcik manager.

    Prediction: 0-1 or 1-2.

  6. mjc said

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie….
    Being a pessimist is one thing, but expecting Tottenham to win away from home!!!

  7. melvyn said

    We will have to agree to differ on Phil S but in my humble opinion when him & Flamini play the rest of the team automatically become more defensive and our real strength is offensive.In reality how many top premiership sides would have either of those in thier team – they’d even struggle to play for the scum !!!!

    Anyway Djourou to me is the real deal , pace and skill and he’s physically stronger than PS.Denilson also looks great another Fab4-come on you reds.

    Great website

  8. Hats off to you. This is a great site. I am jealous.
    Presently I am watching you slowly take apart Spurs in the second leg.
    Fabregas? Definately my favourite Arsenal player. Only 19! What’s he on. Damn, Man Utd’s just knocked the first one in against Watford. There’ll be plenty more.
    See you in Cardiff.

  9. melvyn said

    Well Philipe did us proud tonight so I will eat my words – but Denilson that kid is sensational – have we seen a better midfield duo display than Denilson & Diaby simply brilliant – Fab4 you have real competition.

    Bring on Chelski.

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