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Victory coupled with watching a Spurs fan lose felt amazing

Posted by James Dall on 1, February 2007

A brilliant result yesterday. My analysis of what happened is to be somewhat hazy. During the first half I was in between watching the game and getting ready to go out. We looked in control though. I watched the second half and onwards at the student union. I was feeling pretty confident, from what I could see Spurs had very little and we looked comfortable. Annoyingly there was a single Spurs fan watching the big screen also. He was a prat to say the least. A big bald guy, who was absolutely hammered. I was on my way but still had my dignity. He was the sort of person you knew was looking for a fight. It did not take him long to realise I was an Arsenal supporter. I get very emotionally involved so it is clear for all to see. He kept shouting, not singing, ‘Come on you Lillywhites’. He was frustrating me and many others from what I could gather. Then a moment of sweetness, Abebayor slotted home. I went crazy, shouting my head off, even walking up to the screen and imitating Adebayor’s and Thierry’s funky dance. No sound was coming from the thugs mouth.

We played out the rest of the game pretty well until the 85th minute. They won a debatable free kick. When I saw where it was I said to my friend that they would score. You know when you just get a feeling? In it went off the head of Mido. Undeserved. In my opinion there is nothing worse than an undeserved goal. Understandably the Spurs fan went crazy, right up in my face. It was painful but I had a feeling things would be ok so I just smiled. We were under the cosh for a while but then full time came. Extra time then. Fabregas and Rosicky were truly running the show now.

On the 106th minute we got what we deserved. A goal through the tireless Aliardiere. I was loving it but still apprehensive. If Spurs scored now penalties were on the cards. My worries were rid of on the 113th minute where the ball ended up in the net via Chimbonda. From now on it was plain sailing. We kept the ball beautifully. We were through.

Arsene’s reaction can be read here. Adebayor’s here and Rosicky’s here.

It will be very interesting to see who starts against Chelsea in the final. Wenger appears to have indicated that the players that have not played in the competition so far, will not play in the final. The youngsters have earned their places, however we have to realise that winning this trophy really would be a terrific achievement and certainly would put a brilliant spin on our season. We will have to wait and see how Wenger plays it though.

There seems to be one negative that has come out of the game –

Adebayor has been touched at his knee. We will see how he reacts later. Eboue had a test this morning and will have one tomorrow morning. We’ll make a decision after training then. But Diaby is out with a knee problem, twisted ligaments. He has a scan later today. There are still plenty of players out – Baptista, Ljungberg, Hleb, Gallas. They are not long term now but they are out for the weekend game.

I really hope Diaby’s injury is only minor. We all do.

That is all for today, Cardiff here we come…


11 Responses to “Victory coupled with watching a Spurs fan lose felt amazing”

  1. les said

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm…..don’t forget cashley doing his knee in……..made my evening complete

  2. I’d love to get your take on this question, since you write about sports:

    Who do you hate?

  3. vpatrickd said

    How many Spurs fans were watching the game too? Is it only 1? That big bald guy?

  4. amiripz said

    Fantastic win. Now the lads must beat Chelsea!

  5. James17930 said

    I hope Chelsea buries you alive.

  6. sanityforsale said

    I love it when spurs lose.

    Up the Hammers

  7. sanityforsale said

    Walcott was appalling. I can’t believe you guys spent so much on him! Denilson’s deliveries were top notch on the other hand.

  8. moulmein said

    I hope Chelsea buries you as well….undeserving goal? You must be kidding aye? Typical Arsenal supporter…

  9. I take it you mean ‘bury’ us alive. It was undeserved, to say your knowledge of football is minimal would be an understatement

  10. moulmein said

    Please,my knowledge of football is just fine thankyou. And the goal was not undeserved….it never is when Arsenal are scored against….

  11. […] minutes in. I had to endure watching the game surrounded by invalids. Seriously. As you may recall I recently wrote about my encounter with a Spurs fan during the second leg of the league cup semi fi…. He was infuriating but we won so hey ho. But guess what, he was watching the game last night. He […]

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