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I am baffled by the people who say Henry should leave

Posted by James Dall on 5, February 2007

A sleepy Monday as it is International friendly week. I despise international friendlies. Those who read my old blogs will already know this. They are pointless. I could not care less for the results, all I am hoping is that all of our squad come back fit and healthy.

As it is a week of rubbish, stories are hard to come by. I have found a few, none of which are too exciting but I shall do my best. Viduka has defended his elbow on Toure, which occurred in the first half of the game on Saturday. To be honest, I thought it was accidental. There was no swinging of the arm, he got yellow carded for having his arm high, matter settled in my opinion.

Flamini has been awarded his first call up to the French squad, hurrah. Let’s hope that he comes back without any bumps and bruises. Excellent news for the lad though, this certainly will give him more confidence.

There has been more nonsense with regards to an Henry exit. Argh, boring. He is not going to leave, I do not want him to leave. Shame on you all for saying he has been poor. Sure he has not been involved throughout games but he has scored vital goals and that is what he is there for. I am annoyed at the fans who are turning against him. He is a fantastic player still, a player most teams would give their right arm to have. I love him. He had this to say –

You know my commitment to the club. That is the most important thing. You know where my heart is.

Too right. If I am honest as much as I have enjoyed reading your comments on the previous blog there have been some ridiculous statements. Adebayor simply no good one said. Really? Goodness me. Henry not giving enough, sure like I said he is not on the ball all the time but think of the goals he has been scoring, some top draw ones too. Wake up people, he is not the reason we dropped points at Middlesbrough. He is the reason we gained one. We were average on the day. We were tired. It was a collectively mundane display.

Cesc makes some typically mature comments –

Even the boss has said he will play the young players. They can do it because they’ve done up until now, so why not in the final. If you are not motivated to play a final against Chelsea then you never will be, so I think it’s about heart and then play your game as we have been doing and show everyone we can beat them.

You have to love him. The young players will play but surely we will have Henry etc on the bench.

Finally Theo talks about the fact we still must not give up on the title. He is right in essence, we shouldn’t. We are highly unlikely to win it but there is no harm in believing. As mentioned before, third place and a trophy for me would be a sound season. An excellent improvement on last season and a further platform to grow for next season.

Another blog tomorrow. Monday is over, hooray.


33 Responses to “I am baffled by the people who say Henry should leave”

  1. A N OTHER said

    Henry is no longer the be all and end all of Arsenal, in fact far from it. With Ade and van Persie up front id be very comfortable. Rather that than Cesc missing out he really is irreplaceble. If we can get the amount that is being quoted (£25 million) i say bite there hand off. Invest in the youth thats obviously out there Hunterlaar, Torres ect. Lets issue in the new era i say. Henry has been a fantastic servant to Arsenal, infact the best in its history but we can’t rely on him for too long especially whilst his abilty is decreasing (remember the Vieira saga.)

  2. sig said

    fans are fickle & transient – the armchair fans wanted Wenger to resign after our shaky start to the season – they have short memories & demand instant results… there will always be short sighted people who want instant gratification – Henry is Arsenal’s greatest player ever by far & there is plenty more to come from him – he is only 29 after all – he may have had one of his quietest starts but, as you say, has scored vital goals for us and will score plenty more amazing ones in the future

  3. Joe (USA) said

    The same fans who say “take the money and run, get rid of him” without regard to the loyal service Henry has given us are the same fans who call Ashley Cole “disloyal” for taking the money and forsaking “loyalty” to the club.

    Either way I don’t listen to them.

  4. Huntster said

    Did Bergkamp end his career at 29? did Zidane? Did Shearer? Did the three afforementioned players not produce some of their finest moments in their later years? There is still alot to come from Henry… 25 million? Are you tottenham in disguise?!!!

  5. the mad african said

    The fans that complain about Henry’s performs and the fact that we should sell him are mad or not true Arsenal fans if at all. Kudos to Joe, loyalty goes both ways. This current Arsenal team will be great, believe me and we will need the elder statesman such as Henry and Gallas to get us through games such as Boro and Bolton. I didnt see any articles after the Utd game or Blackburn game about getting rid of TH14. Come on you Gooners, get behind our team and for those too young: watch a game of Don Howes or Bruce Rioch and once you have woken up,know, there is something special happening at the Arsenal.

  6. chandra said

    i am not telling henry is irreplaceable. but he is still needed. his ability to change the direction of a game in one single move is vital for arsenal. he has proven that numerous time. those calling for his head, pls have your head checked!

  7. […] I am baffled by the people who say Henry should leave […]

  8. Ad said

    Didn;t we turn down 2 offers of £50m in the summer? Why would we then get him to extend his contract and take an offer half that. I’m getting bored of these rumours and those of you saying he should leave shopuld be ashamed of yourselves. He is irreplaceable (at the moment anyway) and we certainly would not be where we are today without him. we don;t need the money but we do need his skill and commitment!

  9. HorSinn said

    I don’t think I know enough of a footballer’s ability, selection of players, or playing tactics. However I am very certain of 1 thing, Arsene knows. If he feel that Henry should stay, then he should stay. I really feel ashamed of what those fans commented about Henry…

    Maybe someday we should replace Arsene Wenger with Jol… by then those morons would realise how fortunate Arsenal are!!

  10. Rijan said

    5 goals in 6 games since his return from injury. He is arguably the best player in the world and all you idiots who say we don’t need him a clearly retarded. He is without a shadow of a doubt our best attcking threat, yes in time van persie will take on this role but not yet. Henry not only scores us great goals, he is also the guiding influence on many young Arsenal players and will continue to be for the next 5 years.

  11. Rodrigo Venancio said

    Send him to Palmeiras, in Brazil. I’m sure all supporters will be amazed!

  12. dhony said

    Henry should leave. Send him up to us at Anfield. I can’t believe there are Arsenal “fans” who want rid of him. Funny old game I suppose

  13. barton said

    Hey!! u guys i mean those who want Henry to leave shld leave instead. football is not all about gambling its all about skill en when ur form is up then the skills u ve will certainly come to life. So Henry has his skills en no one will ever take them away from him. Quote me now,next season just wait for this guy u will see fire en all those who oppose me can say it now. pse all u arsenal fans lets get behind our team than just talking nonsense ps…………….e

  14. damian said

    Henry is great the missing ingrediant is Denis B.

  15. Avni said

    Henry is Henry, there are a lot of teams who will pick him up, but Arsenal will never have another Henry.

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