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The next 5 games are key to our season

Posted by James Dall on 7, February 2007

Morning all, what a slow week it is. My only thought right now is about tonight and all the international games our players will be involved in. I am hoping that they come through unscathed.

Of course Spain play England, Cesc will be involved and he is more than up for the challenge –

We all know England will go for the physical approach. England are a great team with some great midfield players. I am really looking forward to facing them at Old Trafford.

At least he is not starting, I expect he will play a half or 30 minutes. He is pivotal to our team. If he got injured we would have problems. I know there is Diaby and Denilson waiting in the wings but Cesc is someone special. We need him fresh for the weekend. We play Sunday, which means an extra days rest for the players, it is ANOTHER live game. We are all the time at the moment. I am not complaining though.

Anyway,  Rosicky has been named Czech player of the year. Congratulations to the lad, I think he is a quality player. He has the following to say –

I settled quickly in the Arsenal line-up and that is a mental boost for every player. I am a completely different man to when I first won this award in 2001. I have grown up, although I probably still look like a child because of my baby face.

He did adapt remarkably well to English football. It seems he is growing from game to game and I think as soon as he gets a bit of fortune in the league with a goal, this might set him on his way. Some goals from midfield might start turning these draws we pick up into victories.

A quick note on the story most people have covered in that we ‘have signed the new Thierry‘. He is only 15 so I am not going to make a big deal of this. He will arrive when he is 16 apparently. I am not too excited just yet. If we got Torres on the other hand or Villa then it would be a different story.

After today we have a hectic schedule. Wigan at home on Sunday as mentioned, then the replay with Bolton on the Wednesday. If we win that, then we play Blackburn at home in a lunchtime kick off on the Saturday in the next round. Then it is our first leg in the Champs League, and then we play Chelsea in the final. A hell of a run of games. Games that could really shape our season. Dropping points at Wigan is not an option, we need to keep the rpessure on Liverpool. If we can beat Bolton away then I really do believe it will be a massive boost for the team. It will quiet down all the pundits that keep saying we struggle against more physical teams. I am confident if we beat Bolton we will turn Blackburn over once again. Clearly the first leg of the Champs league is huge for us. It will be interesting if we see the manager revert back to the 4-5-1 system.  Then of course we have the League Cup Final, a game in which there will be a blend of youth and experience with a highly experienced bench I imagine. I am fed up of not beating Cheslea. Please can that be the day we turn them over.

That is it for this chilly Wednesday. Maybe the snow will call the games off and all our players will come back fresh. Maybe…


13 Responses to “The next 5 games are key to our season”

  1. cosi said

    i can’t agree more fed up of not beating chealse and bolton these two shd cry next like manu

  2. bolton away is going to be a tough and physical game arsenal need to be ready to mix it rough for the one in order for them to win that second leg

  3. Michael said

    I hope arsene wenger uses all of the depth of this current squad next season if he does it could be one to remember.

    It all depends on what athletico want for torres but i think either liverpool or us will land him.

    I will say a prayer than don cesc doesnt get injured.


  4. Michael G said

    We have no chance of landing Torres or any other big ‘name’ player; with Chelski AND Liverpool now having a bottomless chest of cash, we will never again sign a player at his peak. Arsene knew this was coming, and that’s why he signs Vela, Sunu, Merida, Denilson, Van den Berg, Fonte etc. Its a strategy that demands patience from us all, but the only one that allows us to remain competitive when competing with billionaire overseas ownership. Our patience is worthwhile – keeps us away from billionaires whom ultimately are only motivated by one thing – money. We live for football; they live for money. Screw them.

  5. The Mad African said

    I agree with Michael G. I doubt we will ever splash the cash on a big player again and to be honest if we do, it should be Buffon from Juve or Babel from Ajax. We are the last true english club of the top 4: We havent sold out for cash or some millionares playboys football club. Shame on them. Gooners we are and Gooners forever we shall stay.

  6. Torres is overrated.

  7. Villa is not.

  8. We will not buy either.

  9. Patience is really needed at this level, especially Liverpool, ManU and Chelsea have all the big bucks…

  10. devvil said

    I know this may be heresy… But does anyone think it might be good for us to make a graceful exit from the FA Cup so that we can concentrate on winning the CL, beating the Chavs in the League Cup, and making a push up towards second in the Prem? Naturally I’d love us to win ALL the cups we are in, of course… but it sure does put a strain on the sqaud, even one as deep and talented as ours…

  11. amiripz said

    Tough times ahead indeed!

    Hope everyone healthy though.

  12. Dave Cressey said

    I have to say that even as a United fan, I’ve been very impressed with Rosicky’s impact in the Arsenal team and I think he thoroughly deserved his award. As a close friend of James Dall (your Arsenalnews writer), he will know how sceptical I was of his arrival and how unimpressed I was with his first few performances. However, since then he has settled into the English game incredibly well and his performances have been up there with the best midfielders in the Prem.

    I do still think there’s some room for improvement in his game and it’s nice to see him recognize this in his interview with Sky Sports, when he said he can be even better. His performances at Dortmund were inspirational and we’ve yet to see some of the magic he produced for them in an Arsenal shirt. If he can keep his current form going, score a few goals and build on his confidence, he has the potential to become one of the most highly rated midfielders in Europe.

  13. I know being a Spurs fan I’m meant to hate your team but at least you’re playing attractive football- more than can be said for Mourinho’s morons or my team at the moment.

    Good luck against them in the final.


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