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More keeper rumours, no new injuries – joy!

Posted by James Dall on 9, February 2007

Friday, hooray. The blogs have been one every two days this week due to the Internationals. Now they are over and it appears we have not picked up any new injuries, I am in a splendid mood so the blogs are back to one a day.

Lehman has been talking about his future. I have said it all along, I think he will move on and we will see a fresh face come in. I would like to think that fresh face will be a well established top quality GK. Speaking of which the Celtic keeper Boruc has been linked with us. ITV went with the title ‘Boruc may consider Gunners move’, really? He says nothing of Arsenal, just how he is homesick and that if a top club came in he would be interested. I we are of course a top club but if I am honest I know little about Boruc. If anyone does, let me know on the comments. Lehman said the following –

There’s no time limit. The Bundesliga and Spain are the other alternatives. I like London, the club and the stadium but there are other things to consider.

There will be no bitter feelings if this man leaves. He has been a fine servant to the club. A keeper I think we have all grown to love. I am sure he will continue to work hard for us until the end of the season.

Gilberto has talked about how impressed he is by Denilson. The lad has adapted quickly to English football. We have had many players where it has taken forever or never (Reyes) but this boy, who turns 19 a week today, has made this ‘adaptation’ we speak of, look very easy. He appears to be another great find by Arsene. It is excellent to hear Gilberto talk about how he is helping him settle, just as Edu did for him. I expect as the season goes on we will see more from Denilson. The fact he was named as a sub and played a part on the weekend, represents the manager’s acknowledgement of his quality already.

Mark Randall has signed a professional contract with the club. He is 17 years old, English and a central midfielder. As we have a highly competitive midfield already, I wish him all the best. He is highly rated though, so fingers crossed for him.

That is about it. Henry talks about why he dances with Ade here. Oh and we came 9th in the football rich list, you can view the full list here.

Wigan on Sunday then, a preview tomorrow. Apparently we might have Baptista, Eboue and Freddie back. We shall see after Arsene’s press conference. Thoughts on the starting line-up tomorrow morning. Enjoy your Friday.


One Response to “More keeper rumours, no new injuries – joy!”

  1. I was looking at that football rich list. Whatever happened to that tripe about United being in debt for decades and the Glazers sucking them dry….shame really!
    It’s nice to see how wealthy we are, but it is a bit frustrating to know that most of that money goes anywhere but players. I really feel that the missing part of the jigsaw for us lies with strengthening the squad with defenders.

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