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Liverpool + Spurs losing, news round up too

Posted by James Dall on 10, February 2007

Afternoon, as I am writing this Liverpool are currently drawing. I hope it stays that way – it would be brilliant for us plus it would be excellent for my bet.

Arsene has responded to the nonsense about Arsenal being blamed for England’s general pathetic performances –

We have invested a lot of money in our academy youth system but it is true it is not necessarily for young English players. It is for young players but not necessarily English players. For me it is all down to quality. I believe that to protect the players is not the best way. To put players in my team who are not good enough would not strengthen the England team but weaken the Arsenal team.

We all know that if Arsene has an English player that is good enough, he will play him. Excellent English players are hard to come by, and when they emerge to buy them costs silly money so Arsene is careful. He is keen on technically sound players, if we are honest, those players are hard to come by so I do not think he has done a single thing wrong.

Speaking more on the matter of Internationals, Arsene said the following –

National football is boring, you have to accept that. Club football has moved forward and international football has moved backwards, because of the multiplicity of countries.

He is right, I watch England games because I am passionate about my country, however they are always a disappointment. I worry about this rule that might or is coming in about having to play a certain amount of home grown players. It will not benefit English football and certainly won’t benefit clubs. If English players are good enough they will emerge, they will be picked up. The fact of the matter is, players and especially the coaching in this country is terrible. It needs resolving.

Another piece of major news is the partnership with American MLS side Colorado Rapids. I presume this can only be good for the club. Further income and more of a picking if any major American talent arises.

Our main man Cesc won player of the month. Rightly so, he has been just silly good this season.

So team news –

Abou Diaby and Julio Baptista are back in the squad. But that is it. Senderos is suspended so Djourou is back in but Hleb, Gallas, Ljungberg and Eboue are all out. I believe Ljungberg and Hleb will be the earliest back. Hleb should join in on Monday and Ljungberg tomorrow.

I shall talk more on who I think will play etc tomorrow. Good news that Diaby and Bap are back, Wenger mentioned that both might play a key part in the game against Bolton. An emphasis on the physical approach I guess. It will be a massive boost when Hleb and Freddie are fit again, we have a been a bit short on options on the wings.

Tomorrow I shall give my thoughts on our starting line-up against Wigan. Enjoy your evening.


At the moment, Spurs and Liverpool are losing. If we win tomorrow it would be a superb weekend!


One Response to “Liverpool + Spurs losing, news round up too”

  1. perisianpercuma said

    shame on liverpool (from a fan). praying that your side will drop points too tonite 😀

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